Xiamoi Redmi Note 8 Pro - Google Pay Set Up

I recently purchased a local Xiamoi Redmi Note 8 Pro but for the life of me I can't get Google Pay to work.

Cards have been successfully loaded and NFC enabled. However, when trying to use it in store nothing. I have searched blogs, apparently I'm not the only one who has experienced the same problem, and tried a few of the suggestions regarding settings but all to no avail.

If anyone has the same phone and has successfully enabled Google Pay I would be more than pleased if you could share any settings tips which I may have missed.



  • It's missing SQL Lite, you'll need to root and use magisk to install it. Essentially it isn't going to be as safe after you do this as there is always a way to exploit rooted phones.

    Recommend to buy local phones that don't have this problem next time.

  • It was purchased locally through the Xiamoi store.

    • you need to go to the Connection & sharing settings and under the NFC settings, change 'Secure element position' to 'Use HCE Wallet'

  • Thanks. That was the last change I did yesterday after spending hours googling, however haven’t had the opportunity to test. I’ll give it a go tomorrow at Woolies.

    • Hopefully it works out fine for you, but can see stories on reddit where that hasn't worked.

      Thankfully you can just return it as not fit for purpose in the case it is local stock. Touch wood. I wouldn't go down the route of magisk if I were you. Better to buy another product.

      Maybe that person who downvoted can come back tomorrow to fix the downvote once they realised I'm potentially correct………. Anyway good luck.

  • Can confirm that Google Pay now works. If only it was so easy in the first place.

    And to Xiamoi Australia, thanks for nothing. They completely deflected my query saying "technically nothing to do with the mobile device immaterial it is redmi or any other brand. Google pay is propreitary Google App. Kindly connect with Google Support".

    • was it because of the setting "Use HCE Wallet" or something else. i get the same problem. card added well but could not work in supermarket POS.

  • Pretty sure that was the magic setting.

    FYI, On my phone I have NFC on, Android Beam on, Use HCE Wallet and under Tap & Pay / Payment Default Google Pay.