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[PC] Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) $17.99 @ CD Keys


*This game must be redeemed through the Rockstar Game Launcher which can be downloaded here:

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The top 3 reasons to play GTA 5

  • Play as 3 different unlikely allies: an insane psychopath, a getaway driver, or a retired bank robber - each with their own strengths and abilities
  • Los Santos and beyond is at your fingertips in this huge open world playground.
  • Build your reputation as a criminal mastermind, pull of dangerous heists, and take on missions that involve characters from Hollywood to the U.S. Government.

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  • There is a better version available for just a few dollars more. I got it yesterday for someone. This one unlocks a bunch of extra stuff and gives you some extra in-game cash.

    • TY, was about to ask the question as to whether the premium edition was worth it for ~$4 more.

      • Well its debatable whether you really need the extra content and cash but its $4, so……

      • Not essential, but you do get a lot for your $4 that improves the experience and makes it easier to earn GTA to have a better time.

        Grand Theft Auto V - Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack
        The Grand Theft Auto V - Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack includes:

        GTA $1,000,000 Bonus Cash

        Maze Bank West Executive Office
        Paleto Forest Gunrunning Bunker
        Senora Desert Counterfeit Cash Factory
        Great Chaparral Biker Clubhouse
        1561 San Vitas Street Apartment
        1337 Exceptionalists Way 10 Car Garage


        Dune FAV
        Maibatsu Frogger
        Enus Windsor
        Obey Omnis
        Coquette Classic
        Turismo R
        Pegassi Vortex
        Huntley S
        Western Zombie Chopper
        Weapons, Clothing and Tattoos:

        Compact Grenade Launcher
        Marksman Rifle
        Compact Rifle
        Stunt Race and Import / Export Outfits, Biker Tattoos

  • My account got hacked twice, lost my game to someone….Rockstar wouldn't do crap to get my game back, this was when the game was $60 to buy.

  • I got the premium version and for only $4 the extra $1m gets you a good headstart on to buying properties in order to do more missions.

  • If you have Amazon Prime (including Free Prime Trial), then you can score 1M GTA via Twitch with prime benefits.

    Grand Theft Auto Online
    Link your Social Club and Twitch Prime accounts to get GTA$1,000,000, free access to Pixel Pete's Arcade property, plus exclusive discounts & more!

    • did this, got my 1mil.. I thought about posting a deal about it but it's probably too targeted. Cool nonetheless

  • Would an Intel UHD 630 GPU play it on low to medium?

    I got 16GB and a i7-8700 but the iGPU lets me down I think.

    • Would an Intel UHD 630 GPU play it on low to medium?

      No, that wouldn't play any Triple-A title of the last 6 years on Low settings at a resolution of 1920x1080 with acceptable frame rates.

      You could play indie games, some MOBAs and old, retro stuff just fine but gaming on integrated graphics is just an exercise in frustration, not to mention that so many games will flat out refuse to run on iGPUs, crash incessantly or exhibit weird artifacting issues as well as graphical glitches.

      I got 16GB and a i7-8700 but the iGPU lets me down I think.

      Easy solution: buy a decent entry-level GPU like a GTX 1650/1660, RTX 2060, RX 580 or an RX 5500 XT.

      Then you'll have yourself a fairly capable gaming rig that will run GTA V on fairly high settings without issue.

      • Thanks Amar89

        I only have a EliteDesk 800 G5 mini form factor so probably need a external GPU - will probably just wait till I get a new laptop.

  • Reason number 4 for playing:

    Joining the glorious green aliens in slaughtering the dirty purple in bred aliens

    And as above, if you link your Amazon Prime account you get heaps of benefits including additional weekly discounts.

    Personally I'd pay a few bucks more and get a Steam version so it's easier to communicate with others since the Rockstar interface is absolute bollocks.

    • Joining the glorious green aliens in slaughtering the dirty purple in bred aliens anyone on the map


      idiots chased me down while I was doing a mission, got out their alien car and used that gravity gun to ping pong my car around until I was almost in the water (which would have failed my mission)… I get out and get shoved around so my character can't pull out a weapon and then they beat me to death with a club.

      So glorious.

      • This makes me want to buy this game even more now that I have no idea what you're talking about but it sounds bloody fun!

  • Price is now $20. So better to buy the premium for $2 more. Does anyone think the prices will drop any lower?