45kg LPG Gas Bottle Prices

Wondering if anyone has been able to negotiate cheaper gas bottle replacements with Origin or AGL etc since oil prices tanked?

thanks in advance


  • Nope, but SupaGas are curerently offering a second bottle free if you sign up with them https://www.supagas.com.au/blogs/promotions/2020/Apr/1/Conne...

  • they are hard to negotiate with

  • Do AGL do gas bottles?

  • $110 a bottle… But 8.5kg gas is $18???…

  • I'm in Sydney and Elgas were ridiculous for a truck based refill. Supagas gradually ramped their prices up to more that $145. Origin had a good first price, but their refills were more than $150. All were charging $40 or more per year per bottle rental.

    Went with "The Gas Shed" last year at $115 a bottle. They charge a once off deposit per bottle of $80 (refundable), but from this year on I'll be saving that per year on rental.

    Every time I text and request a refill they turn up the next day. I'm in southern Sydney and no-where near Homebush where they are based.

  • I was on a similar thing with gas. I only had gas in the house running the hot water system. I ended up changing over the water heater to electric because 1 gas bottle was costing me $130 every 4 weeks on average. Swapping away from bottled gas paid for itself within 12 months. The electric hot water heater I have now costs about $10 a month to heat water. Gas was costing 1 bottle @ $130 for the same month.

  • i jumped onto the live chat with Origin who is my current provider and didnt get anywhere, the "best price" the operator was able to find me was actually higher than what im paying for my area. I asked him how is it that refills at the servo were essentially priced less than a contracted regular service and he just pretty much avoided the question all together saying he cannot comment on the pricing.

  • Is everyone else also getting quoted $79.20 for yearly rental charge?

    • I guess it depends on area. Just signed up with supagas. 105 per 45kg bottle. Under offer I got 2 bottles. Rental of 33 per year per bottle. QLD 4075.

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