PSA: Check Your Electricity and Gas Bill if You're Receiving a Concession

I was just flicking through some bills for a relative and it turns out the electricity provider hadn't applied the Annual Electricity Concession for almost a year - she otherwise wouldn't have noticed, so just a reminder to make sure you're still getting the discount if you're eligible as sometimes systems can just glitch.

When we contacted the provider they were quite surprised that we were eligible for the concession but hadn't actually received the discount and we had a set of bills readjusted for the past year so it's definitely worth just checking.


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    You have to resubmit your concession every year when you concession card expires in most cases.

    Gas concession is only during winter

  • I believe the same happens with many supplier issued discounts. I know when I rang up to change from origin to elgas for my gas because the pricing for a bottle was way more than I had expected. The lovely lady on the phone informed me discounts/contracts have a 12 month expiry on them and that you have to call every year to renegotiate terms and discounting structure or you go onto a standard plan. She also offered to backdate my discount 2-3 bottle refills and I effectively got the next one for free from credits they applied to my account.

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    The title should just be "Check every bill you receive to ensure your are being charged correctly", this is not unique to power companies.

    I am shocked by the number of people who don't check every bill, credit card charge, or invoice they receive.

  • Whilst you're at it, check whether the property is being billed for a dedicated circuit. There's a separate concession for that. A lot of the small/budget retailers have NFI and won't apply it. Some retailers will just apply 17.5% across everything which can be a win/win for some.

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