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[PS4] Toejam and Earl: Back in The Groove! $5.95 AUD - PlayStation Store


Jammin! 75% off, which looks to be the cheapest it's ever been ya Funklords.

The original 1990 Sega Genesis (Mega Drive here - I'm from 'murica) is still one of my all-time favourite couch co-op games. In fact, I still have my OG Genesis w/ the original cartridge plugged in at my parent's place in the states that my mate and I play while we catch up whenever we're in town together.

Reviews are positive, particularly from those who have a nostalgic connection to the original which apparently it is very faithful to. I wasn't a gamer (last system I had before my PS4 pro was a Wii!) but followed the dev of this game closely as I was stoked that they were re-making it. It's made by an indie team who is staffed with crew that made the first game, and seems to be a real labour of love.

Don't be a Dufus and give it a spin.

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  • Wow. Buying this for a trip down memory lane.

    I must have been about 8/9 years old when I last played this on the Mega Drive. I have a vivid memory of being sent home from school because I fell off a climbing frame and smashed my head, I was delighted because I could sit and play Toejam & Earl all day.

    Nostalgia here I come.

    • I was cleaning out boxes of stuff at my parent's house and found screen shots - literal pictures taken of the TV screen with a 35mm camera - of the us walking around Funkatron at the end of the game. I remember being so excited that we finally beat it.

      It's odd - it seemed impossible when we were kids but now we can knock it out every time in a few hours. I think the reason we still enjoy it is becuase it's slow-paced and casual. Easy to play while chatting, like throwing a baseball back and forth.

  • I adored this game growing up. Truly original. Purchased. Thanks OP.

    • My pleasure! Glad to see the devs getting a couple more runs on the board from fans of the original like me.

  • love 90s gaming mascots, these guys, Earthworm Jim, the 3 Vikings, Bubsy etc.