Advice Needed: Smart Watch Which Can Receive Calls

Need some advice on which smart watch can be used to receive and make calls. My son's 29th birthday coming up. He is a scaffolder/tradie…so it would be handy for him. ear phones are not so good because they fall out of his ears….he's damaged a few because when it falls out of his ears…it's like a 10m drop from scaffold to ground.

What do you recommend? He uses Oppo phone. He could do with an upgrade as he is out of contract.

Thank you in advance.
I tried to research but I'm so old school that either I get confused or I get distracted. LOL


  • the idea is good but it will not wise as receiving calls will eat the battery like crazy. unless your son happy to charge the watch every 3 hours. just forget about it.
    get him really good earphone but with ear hook/loop. and tell him how much you have bought them so he will take care more of those

    • Not if you leave the phone in your pocket and then have it connected to the watch via Bluetooth. I have a Samsung Gear S3 Classic and easily get 3 days of use out of it before needing a charge.

  • I’d wager a smart watch would be too fragile for a tradie too (although there are big bulky ‘cases’ for Apple Watch)

  • I have used Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier and currently, I use Samsung Galaxy Active 2. Both are good and serve much more purpose and functionalities. For someone like a tradie, I would suggest Galaxy Gear S3 because it has physical rotating dial than just touch screen. You can choose either classic or Frontier. Please keep in mind that stainless steel build is more resistant to scratches than aluminum. So when buying you should get the option to choose between the two build quality. If you would like extra protection, buy a genuine SPIGEN watch protector.

    Link for watch protector:
    Link for Galaxy watch:

    I hope it helps.

  • Thank you for your suggestions!