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RTX 2070 Super Gaming PCs: R5-3500x: $1518 / R7-3700X: $1818 + Delivery @ TechFast


Hi folks,

Similar to yesterday's post for 2080 Super systems, here is our 2070 Super Gaming PC pricing, with 3500X and 3700X options (3600 upgrade option in 3500X system).

Important note on GPU choices: The Bundled RTX 2070 Super (default) is likely to be the Galax 1-Click card, which are expected to arrive at the beginning of June, so systems with the bundled option will ship once they arrive (longer lead time than 14 business day estimate if bought now). There is a new upgrade option, the Gigabyte Windforce OC 3X, which will be arriving earlier, so systems with this upgrade option will be subject to the normal 14-business day estimated handling time.

Both are offered with the following base spec:

  • RTX 2070 Super 8GB
  • Biostar B45M2 B350 motherboard
  • 16GB 2666MHz RAM
  • 240GB 2.5" SSD
  • 750W PSU
  • Leaper Flair RGB Case


Please check our Builds & Shipping Times page(techfast.com.au) for the current build time estimates - currently at approximately 14 business days/3 weeks.

Customer service wise, I can't promise to reply to direct messages here, so please continue to direct all enquiries to [email protected] and the team and I will respond as soon as we can. All support is currently through email due to social distancing/closure of phone lines, so please continue to bear with us.


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  • currently at approximately 14 business days/3 weeks.

    Damn you guys must have lots of orders, or is that time the to your door time estimated time?

    • No that would be build time. Assume another week+ due to Auspost.

    • It's partly order volume although that has significantly decreased from early April when there was a huge rush, but mainly giving ourselves and our customers realistic lead time to obtain various components in the current supply environment, where unexpected delays can occur. We have vastly improved our communication with customers along the order to build journey as well, from feedback from OzB customers.

  • Hi Luke, great post! Just wanted to point out you may have mistyped

    Ryzen 7 3700X / RTX 2070 Super 8GB: $1818

    as Ryzen 5 3600 by accident

  • Just wondering why do they not use better motherboards, storage, and power supply by default (I know they allow upgrade options but the prices seem more like added price of upgraded part than upgraded price difference)

    • That's where the margin lies.

    • +5 votes

      Although I have always been enthusiastic about the great prices techfast offers many of the comments in forums and on other posts make me concerned that this is not such a good deal as you are essentially taking a bit of a significant gamble on quality of parts and delivery time.

      in particular I have notice quite a few ozbargainers reporting issues with
      1)PSU failing
      2)Slow shipping

      I feel like techfast is getting away with this as most people who have had these issues seem to be ok with the fact they they have had to change the CPU or wait more than a month for delivery.

      I feel like I need to do my job as a datascientist and try to work out if this is more than what you would normally expect with such a PC but my gut feeling is yes.

      Will (one day) report back

      • I bought one with a 2080ti in dec not one issue

      • Yep I had issues with the psu, if you have to use adapters (or just molex in general); it's actually very bad and that was disappointing. But I did get a good replacement for only a little extra after talking with support so I'm pretty happy. I wish they would fix the psu quality as then I could wholeheartedly recommend techfast computers as they are amazing value. Even with the mobo/ram/ssd's not being the absolute best. They do their job perfectly fine.

  • Doesn't seem like a very good deal to be honest, was waiting out for this 2070S deals but might just wait a few months.

  • Are these deals like 20% more expensive then they'd be if we weren't in this current situation?

  • When are you doing a deal on sub 800 desktops?

    • Bit of a struggle for them right now, the Aussie dollar tanked in the last two months and is only just making a slight recovery now. Wouldn't expect to see sub 800 prebuilts for at least a month.

      • Accurate on reasoning, timing is completely unknown though.

      • I don't understand the sentiment behind the AUD tanking. We've been back to pre-covid AUD value for weeks now. Surely it's due to shipping costs + manufacturing delays, to why prices are increasing.

        • If by weeks you mean, maybe two? Nowhere near enough time for reflective dollar value to have been passed on. But ironically shipping cost and manufacturing delays are influenced by the dollar too.

          I don't think anyone is explicitly saying it's only the dollar that's caused the increase buts it's a fairly significant factor.

          • @Nuffy: But by your same logic, the extremely quick tank in our dollar wouldn't have affected prices either. The dollar didn't drop for long at all. Check the value history.

        • +1 vote

          It completely depends on when suppliers have to actually pay for the stock they buy. At some point they have to pay for stuff coming in so daily fluctuations can and do have a real impact.

  • You get asked this a bit but, will you do diy upgrade kits?
    I have a fancy PSU and case already.

  • In a system like this what kind of performance increase can we expect going from the 2070 to 2080? I really only intend on playing Overwatch (and eventually OW2) which is a piece of piss, but ideally am looking long term at a 120hz monitor so want dem framez.

  • Hi luke,
    Im trying to get into contact with the support team by emailing [email protected]
    However it seems the email service is timing out on the support end.
    Just hoping im able to get into contact with them before they build my system.

  • Will there be any 2060 Super deals coming up?

  • Hello,does anyone know what GTX 1660 you get specifically like MSI, EVGA and other U know. Thanks

  • I bought a PC from your previous deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/526444)over a month ago and it has not been shipped yet. I've also sent you an email. Could you please follow up on this @luketechfast?

    Thank you