Do You Think We Will See Good EOFY Laptop Deals This Year?

I'm looking to pick up a gen 6 or 7 x1 carbon laptop and I see that last year you could get a gen 6 for $1400 or 7 for $1800 at one point. Currently they are almost double that.

Given the current financial situation of the market, do you think we will see any good EOFY deals this year? Or will businesses tend to hold off any good discounts?


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    I would say it is less likely due to the very high demand of laptops so people can work from home chewing through a large portion of the stock, there is less need to have sales on them.

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      That's what I was thinking. I have a laptop already but it is overdue for a replacement.

      Still, I can't bring myself to pay full price.

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    It's hard to say, I think most companies have already accepted the sales figures will be down.

    Obviously anything they have stock of they will discount, anything needs to be purchased will be affected by a weaker dollar. But also there may be some instances that they get stock of items cheaply as some factories are running at full compacity but there is low demand.

    Perhaps click frenzy will give us an idea of the appetite for discounting to prop the books or lack of


      anything needs to be purchased will be affected by a weaker dollar

      This is, sadly, going to bite us hard.





    They are very low on stock due to the rush to set up home office / working from home


    Forget it, no good EOFY deals this year.


    lol no

    looks like demand is up 150% at the lowest

    just about everything IT related has gone up

    i'm glad i bought too much junk prior to this thing


    What about everything else?

    TVs, fridges, ovens, appliances?
    Are we unlikely to see any binglee HN etc 20% eBay sales?


    I'm wondering this also…..what's the likelihood we see a Razer Blade 15 at EOFY sale - those things are monstrously overpriced.

    Missed the microsoft sale in March & they've sold out of it so maybe becomes less likely.