Honda CRV 2005 Vs Mazda CX-5 2012 Recommendation

Hi all Ozbargainers. Me and my wife have decided to get another car for work, SUV type. I would like to get a CRV 2005-2008 model, around $5-8k, but my wife prefer Mazda CX-5 2012 but the price is around $14-15k though. Personally I chose Honda because their reputation of reliability and practical, we are having a Civic bought used 3 years ago, no problem whatsoever. I'm not saying Mazda cars are bad because I never owned one. Has anyone of you had any experience with these car before? Please share it with me. Also any car recommendation is more than welcome too. Thanks.

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    Honda CRV 2005 $8000
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    Mazda CX-5 2012 $15000


  • 2005 model vs 2012 model, and doubling the budget…

    Forget about comparing apples and oranges, this is apples and zucchinis lol

    Side note, what the wife wants is what you'll get…

    • I understand your point, but if that extra thousands can prove its worth, I wouldn't mind that extra bucks though. Yep I'm trying to convince the wife for the Honda to be honest.

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        One is 8yo, the other is 15yo. Either one could've been carefully looked after by one careful owner, or flogged by multiple owners. There's no set guide here.

        And then there's features, like extra airbags, reverse camera, etc etc.

        You need to do more thinking about priorities. This isn't our decision. Be a different story if the spend/age were similar, it's not.

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    That seems a bit expensive for the CX-5, unless it's the Grand Tourer or Sport model? I'd expect around $10-12K for the standard 4x2 Maxx.

    I have the 2014 4x2 Maxx. It's been great, never had an issue. I've replaced the battery and that's all (apart from regular servicing). The 2L engine feels a bit weak pulling such a heavy car but it does fine. No issues going up hills or overtaking, just doesn't have much grunt when accelerating. Spacious, comfortable, pretty good fuel efficiency for a car that size. No complaints from me.

    • Thanks for the info. Yeah $15k is just rough price but I guess I can try bargain it for around $10-12k. As long as the car moves, air con and cruise control. I'd be happy. Cheers man.

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    Just be aware that the diesel CX-5 models that date from 2012- 2018 are going through the recall process due to the risk of sudden engine cutout-
    I’d be cautious!

    • Yeah the turbos were recalled on a bunch of diesel CX-5s as well, whether announced or behind the scenes

    • That's great to know. Thank you.

      • Yes unfortunately we made the choice to go with the Diesel CX5 over the Toyota RAV4. There are a few flickering lights that come up on the dashboard every now and then, so into the dealer we go, but no major issues so far. The interior is TINY though, I can bottle feed one kid while patting another to sleep all from the front passenger seat. Can’t wait to move on to another car, really!

  • Like what Spackbace says, you are not comparing equally. First decision is what is the budget. Honda or Mazda are equivalent in terms of reliability IMO, so it comes down to how much you want to spend.

    Depending on the usage requirements, id pick the older cheaper car and save the cash for other things.

    • Yeah I was a bit concern about reliability of Mazda. The extra bucks would prove its worth by the longer year of lifespan (as they are newer car), better technology, etc….

      Thanks for your opinion.

  • Do you need a SUV?

    I'd recommend a Toyota Camry.

    • Yeah I do need a SUV. Work purpose. Gotten myself in a Camry before, I agree they are very nice to sit on.

  • Having opted for the older cheaper car myself in the last year I can honestly say that I wish I had spent a bit more on something newer.

    I reckon 8k is a bit much for a 05 model.

    • Is it because of the newer technology or reliability? That's why I put down such a unequal comparison, but in my mind that extra bucks spend on the newer car worth the extra miles, extra year of lifespan and the better safety and technology as well.

      Thank you for sharing for experience by the way. :)

      • Yeah newer tech, safety, better car dynamics. A lot has changed in 15 years and anything more than 8 years old you can really start to tell.

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    If money is not a consideration then obviously the much newer car.

    Mazda are a very well made car. You wont have any problems.
    Honda suffer from EXPENSIVE parts!

    • Thanks for that mate

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    Hi OP, I have a 2004 CRV, personally I wouldn't pay any more than $5-$6k for one. If you do go ahead with one, check if the air con unit has been replaced since purchased as if it is like the 2004 model it may have an issue called black death…aircon unit clogs up with small particles and stops the car running $2.5k to fix. Other than that only other issue I have had with mine is the transmission another $2.5k. I've had mine for 10 years, with about 200k on the odometer. Good car, but it is getting on in age will only keep mine another 2 years I think

    • In that case, I guess better just get the newer car . First time heard of the aircon problem though, thank you my man.

  • Both seem expensive…

  • Funny enough I had this exact same purchasing decision… $15k for a Mazda CX-5 Twin Turbo Diesel or $6k for a Honda CR-V… I took the CR-V and it's been one of the best cars I've owned! (and I've owned 28 cars) …Just make sure you get a pre-purchase vehicle inspection on ANY car you're looking to buy :)

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