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[NSW] $7/L Craft Beer Growler or Squealer Fills at The Oaks, Neutral Bay


Huge banner out front for ‘Hoppy Hour’. From 4pm-8pm, Monday to Saturday Only. Taffy’s sports bar has growler fills of craft beer and other beer (like VB, etc) for $7/L. Some great stuff on tap like Counter Culture 3, Wayward brewing, many more.

EDIT: I went there tonight and they were open so looks to be Monday to Saturday.

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    What are their "craft" beers compared to say Flat Rock Brew Cafe in Naremburn?

    And do you know if they take your container, give you a new one, sterilise your old one and re-use it, or do they fill whatever one you bring, meaning you need to sterilise at home?


      Last time I went to flat rock I had to mortgage the house to afford the bill. The beers they had on tap last night were about 14taps mixed with craft and plain beers. I saw Wayward, Counter Culture, Young Henry’s Newtowner, Betoota, Modus Operandi. Prob best calling them as they change daily. Sadly they don’t have then listed online.


        Pretty sure I overheard a guy pay 60 bucks for a Darwin stubby down at naremburn
        Made the 60 bucks I had spent on rum seem cheap.
        Is nice beer though


        You get what you pay for. I bought the Flat Rock Beekeeper honey porter and it was outstanding, $8/can and probably the best beer I have had in a long time, worth every cent.


          Thats actually a decent price. Bar prices used to always be about $14-18 a pint of beer.


        Those are decent brands, do you recall if they were all just pale ales or something else?


          They had a mix across the taps of pale ales, ipa, hazy ipa, sours, gose. Didn't see any dark beers though. Customers straight after me were filling up VB for same price so good on them for that……

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            @UberIsCool: I just popped in… They had a Modus Operandi porter

            Other beers on offer:
            YH Newtowner
            Yulli's Peach & Raspberry Berliner Weisse
            Wayward Mango Mosaic Sour
            Bentspoke Barley Griffin

            Also saw something from Two Birds (Hopped Across the Ditch, or something punny related to NZ).

            At $7/Litre, I'd call it a decent selection.


              @jetblack: Ditch is a Pilsner. The TB chew Tang is really nice, hope they put that on.

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    Note: That's $7 a litre.

    A growler is 2 litres, so that's be $14. A squealer is 1L.


      Heading updated. Note that a growler is 1.89L and squealer half that. I took my 2L keg with me. They have 1.25L pet bottles, I didn’t ask if that $7 when they fill or if they charge you the extra .25


        I think they have crowlers* too approximately 1L cans


    assuming i'm not drinking the whole 2L in 1 sitting, how long will it last once i've cracked it open?


      About 24-48 hours. If you can’t drink a growler in one sitting, best getting Squealers

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    There's always a catch - the chips are $2.50 EACH. (not serve, bucket etc - EACH, look at menu posted)

    I guess after drinking a litre of beer, the punters wont notice the cost… 😀

    Eat your heart out Macca's - there's even more profit in them there fries…… 😀

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      Lol, you don’t need to buy anything else. Plus I’m sure it’s for Crisps. Considering a pre-Covid growler fill is about $30-40 then I wouldn’t hesitate buying cheaps as an add on if I wanted them

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        My god, some boozers have no sense of humour.

        IT WAS a JOKE people, based on the wording of the offer. It says chips you say crisps - ok, but thats not what the joke based on the menu is about. (The smileys also show the "humour") 😀🤦🏽‍♂️

        Jesus, I didn't vote the deal down - because I wasnt serious.

        Even drunks wouldnt pay per chip.

        (I have no idea who negged, so its not necessarily directed at you)


          Ok just relax and breathe…..


    The schooner/pint glass prices aren't terribly priced either, especially if they're the pub spec headmaster brand ones.


      Think they are. Kinda a funny menu, it’s like a drink-in-the-park combo menu


    Dropped in this arvo, apparently this is happening Thurs-Sat only, not every day.

    How long would you expect the beer to last in one of the PET containers before it’s opened?


      Thanks, have updated post. My guess if the PET is sealed well like the glass containers probably a week or two, maybe longer. It's about air getting in or escaping. And beer should stay cold, I take a cooler bag to put the bottles in so they chilled when I get to my fridge.

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    Most breweries will generally advise you to drink a growler within 48 hours of filling. I believe that this is generally because of the open transfer (pouring beer into an empty container that already has oxygen in it).

    A closed transfer (which you won't find at a pub) would allow a longer time to keep the beer fresh. This is increasingly being done where beer is transferred from kegs into cans.

    I believe that a number of places were transferring their beers from kegs into cans just as lockdown happened to extend the freshness of their stock.

    Anyway, some decent beers at the Oaks, and awesome value at $7 a litre.

    Just up the road at Flat Rock, you'll be paying $20 for the empty growler, and then $32 for two litres of beer.