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Platypus Beach Towel $5 (Was $49.99) + $10 Delivery ($0 with $130 Spend) @ Platypus Shoes


Get on it guys. Ordered one of each. Delivery is $10 on top for me. I'm in Sydney metro.

Size of towel is 175cm x 95cm

Each towel comes with a clear carry bag.

First post be kind :)

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    If its a website, please provide the web link instead of a screenshot

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      My bad. Fixed.

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    They'll parkour it to me right? Like in the ad

  • no click and collect in Syd Metro though

    • This one is available for C&C in Sydney CBD at Platypus George St.. get in quick! :)

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    Info says each towel comes with the clear bag

    • Thanks didn't see that. I've updated.

  • No click and collect Perth

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    "Each towel comes with it's own clear carry tote bag. You're all set! "

    It comes with one, so that's good

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    "…Each towel comes with it's own clear carry tote bag"

    +6% Shopback

  • Got one thanks OP
    Click and collect from Brisbane myer 😃

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    good deal now, but these went for $50?

    • ahahah wiped off my cart twice but got one the third time

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    Am I the only one who read the website as

    Platypuss HOES.com.au???

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      Quiet puss hoe

  • Thanks OP, great presents!

  • Wow disappearing from my cart, getting OzBargained

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    nice first post and decent deal. orignal price is a rip off though.

  • I hope these towels aren't too thin.

  • As per the site - More than 2000 people looking at it!!

  • -1

    Gone. Ozbargained

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    No wonder they're on sale, pretty hideous looking towels..

    • Still though for $5 you can use two at a time and it'd be cheaper than a smaller basic towel. And I suppose you can take it to the beach if you're a daywalker.

  • Add to cart and can’t pay buggy website!

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    Who pinched my tie dye.

  • :(

  • +3

    lol it's clear why they're discounted….

    • +2

      The bag?

      • Lol

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    Ehhh.. these look horrible and the material doesnt look great.. It’s more of an OzBargain to NOT buy it..

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    Hows the quality?

  • +1

    They were absolutely pulling themselves charging $50 for these…

    • they're not the only ones pulling themselves ;)

  • bought a couple we'll wait and see hows the quality.

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    Ewwwww. These are the ugliest towels I've seen.

  • Melbourne central pick up point for CBD.

  • Ahh missed out. Was gonna buy as puppy blankets.

  • Managed to get two seems to be bouncing between oos and in stock…

  • looks back in stock as at 1:55am Eastern time

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    Mine arrived. These are really thick and heavy, and even the bag it comes in is thick and durable. I wish I bought a dozen of each now.

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      Damn I was kind of hoping you'd say they were thin and horrible lol
      I must have missed out by mere seconds in the Checkout

  • Can vouch the quality.

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    Received and so happy with the thickness and quality for $5

  • Platypus 3 thumbs down. Order has been cancelled… due to a glitch!! 8 days later. Won't see me buying from them ever again.