Suggest Me a Good Ebike under $1000

As the title said, I am looking for an ebike within that range. Thank you.


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    Have you done any research yourself? I can’t recommend any, but know that for an e-bike that is certainly in the budget category. The bike part or the e part is likely to be low end, possibly both.

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    One with a big battery and long range such as 60-80km.
    Compare the watts and Amp hours (Ah)

    More watts will give you better pulling power - especially up hill
    More amp hours will deliver a longer ride

    Most bikes under $1000 have inferior batteries with only 10Ah and like 30-40km range (pedal assisted). You are better off getting a decent road bike.

    A bike with a swap out battery is also preferable since you can do a quick change of battery instead of waiting all night for it to charge if you feel this is a benefit.

    When you start comparing with a $2500 eBike you will see the difference for what you pay for.

    Also check out the cost of a replacement battery as you might be changing it after a couple of years

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      A big battery will add to the cost, it is a fair proportion of the cost of an e-bike. It might not be necessary if the OP only wants to commute 5-10km per day and is able to charge each night.

      More watts might be better for power, but also makes them illegal to ride. The legal limit is 250w


        Then go with MORE WATTS = more distance = less recharging = longer lasting all around

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    The Aldi ones were bang for buck. Only downside is you have to wait for them to release


    What is your criteria for good? As light as possible? As compact as possible? Longest range? Better power (for hill climbs)? Better Comfort? All terrain? Better control? Good weather proofing? Good battery specs? Good bike specs?

    If it is all of the above, I've never seen one for under $1000. At that price range, they all have sacrifices to one or more (typically more) features.

    A lot of the folding ebikes under that price won't list the weight. Some won't list their battery details like the mAh rating or the brand, etc.

    The best, in the folding ebike category, I've seen around the $1000 mark that have a good balance of features is the vyron nimbus 2.0 which is slightly above the $1000 price range. The weight of 19kg (16 without battery), decent bike specs, compact folded dimensions (40cm width) and decent battery with upgrade options is what drew me to it.

    I'm looking to buy one myself. This is for options in australia.

    There's a lot of better speced ones outside of australia (we're like a dumping ground for old ebike tech) - but we need to file an import permit for ebikes (unless its 200W or less).


    Short straight answer is they DONT EXIST!

    Anything under $2500 has a cheap frame, cheap gears and an inadequate battery back. And it will need replacing much sooner than a good one. false economy.
    Hence OP you wont be satisfied.

    With eBikes what you pay is what you get.

    That is the moral of this story Im afraid.


    i have seen uber eats riders use Nishiro. Kogan foldable ebike also okay (some videos online). if you dont ride far and just want something that works