Garmin Fenix 5X for $499 Good Buy? - advice plz

I just got a 5X for $499 - was a price error. so they did it for the incorrect ticket price.
Is that a good deal since the 6 is out?
That was at the top top of my budget mind you.
Not sure if I sould return it and get rufind if folks reckon the 6 will come down to sub $500 in time?


  • There really isn't much difference between the 5 and the 6, especially not $500 worth of difference.

    What will you be using the watch for?

    • I am upgrading from a Casio Rangeman for the reason I cant read the face anymore and need a large digital face smartwatch, so never had one before.
      I guess the compass, temp and possible map thing for the odd scouts hike with the daughter.
      Also, some of the steps or cycle stuff I may use but dont know as I have never had it. The old, dont know what I have never had.

      • The maps also give you the names of things around you, for instance I was walking with the family in the Arboretum and the map had the names of the all the tree plantings. Have fun! 👍
        Good watch for parkrun too when it returns.

      • 5X is more than enough for your needs :)

        I use the 5S (prefer smaller watch face) for triathlon training / racing and hiking (using maps) and it's great.

  • Thats a great watch, the 5x has the topographical maps which was very helpful when navigating out of the blue range here in the ACT, we I got our trail group a little lost :-)
    Great battery life, could be a bit chunky but thats up to you. Multisport. great price!

  • Fenix 5 is 2 versions behind the current Fenix 6 and it reportedly has terrible GPS accuracy.
    Read DC Rainmakers review from 2 years ago before returning it.

  • Part of the reason I ams asking also, is I have seen the Suunto 9 Barro for about $450 on ebay.
    This seems a competitor. I think the Fenix beats from what I have seen.

  • But I guess my main concern is that since to me, is a lot of cash, is the 5X at $500 a good buy considering the alternatives and alternatives (when they come on sale).
    If a Fenix 6 will still be a few hundred more even on sale, then that sort of tells me to stick with what I have.

  • 5X is old, its two generations behind the 6.

    Fenix 5/5x/5s
    Fenix 5/5x/5s plus
    Fenix 6.

    I think you got ripped.

    • WOW.
      So you think either the 5X should be much cheaper or the 6 should be that price then based on being ripped?