Help! Far-Infrared Heaters

I've been searching online for far-infrared heaters (free standing) so I can heat my room without heating the air. Searching around, I almost got bitten by convection heaters that are misrepresented as 'infrared'. Most of them seem to be like this.

Any idea where I can get a genuine free standing far-infrared heater?


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      These heaters are not far infrared heater. Far infrared heaters are not the same as these radiant heaters. They produce heat in the far infrared spectrum - they don't heat the air at all but produce a warming effect on the body.
      Their efficiency is why they are used in almost all home saunas and also in bikram yoga studios.

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        brownbag is correct. Don't know why you got neg'd.

  • Do you mean you're after a ceramic, IR heat lamp or micathermic heater?

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  • I got the heat-on unit from Outdoor Heating Systems. I've purchased their units twice for different bathrooms.

    • which wattage one did you get, and how do you like them?

      I put the 600w one in my en-suite 2 years ago - i just didn't want to put in IR bulbs. In theory, it should suit a room twice the volume i have it in. It works OK for me, taking the chill out of the room after a some time, but i wouldn't say it's great by any stretch. But wife will still run off to the other bathroom with the heat lamps! Doesn't help that ceiling is 2.7m i guess, but very hard to find meaningful reviews on what they're actually like, if you've never seen one in person.

      • I do have the 900W one and my ceiling is probably more like 2.5m. I do wonder if the 600watt one may be a bit low. They're not extremely powerful heat but work well in flat rooves where there is no room for the IR bulbs and where you want a well sealed home. Sometimes there can be a bit of a chilly feeling when you just get out of the shower wet - that's one of the limitations which is a shame as it is a primary reason for the heat.

        But the 900w one does work well - even my wife uses it and she was skeptical at first.

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    Are the only portable ones I know of. There are also panel ones (which I tried and found useless). I have the Ionmax and at $439 I'm not sold on it being any better than a $100 radiator.

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