This was posted 2 years 1 month 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[XB1] Control $44.97 @ Xbox Store


Looks like it's back on sale with the same price it was at the end of last year. Back when everyone thought Phil Spencer spoiled it going on Game Pass. Definitely going to pick it up this time.

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  • Great game, one of my favorite platinums.

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    Must resist…will come to game pass….right? 🤔🙈

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    When I read the title I thought it was Xbox 1 controller for $44.97.

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      Still waiting while watching every time PS4 controllers are discounted to $50.

  • Is it a good game?

    • Awesome graphics, decent story, moderate to easy gameplay loop.

      Probably eye candy > story > challenge in my opinion. Third person action game where you slowly become uber powerful but never really felt that vulnerable.

      • I disagree. The game is challenging. Especially the boss fights. And I have beaten all the Junkbox challenges as well.

        • Maybe my memory fails me or I played an easier difficulty.

          But I think my assessment of moderate is accurate. Games like sekiro or dead souls are challenging. Cuphead is a bit below that. Control is way less than those kinds of games.

          • @ozbjunkie: Or maybe I just suck at gaming :(

            • @first in line: The ladies are very rarely impressed with my slightly above average gaming skillz. You aren't missing anything.

              I should probably have used those 10,000 hours to learn a second language or a musical instrument.

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      Really good visuals and storyline. Reminds me of the X-Files a bit. I have it on PS4, I must say, I find it a bit hard to aim. If I had my time and money again, I'd play it on PC with the mouse. But then again I play games for the story: the fighting is not my main priority and I'm probably just crap lol

      • Thanks, I was literally tossing up whether to wait for it to drop on price on PC.

      • I feel that way during Warzone, it was much easier 10 years ago with PC!!! I wish they'd have PC users on different servers.

  • I feel this game will be sub $20 in no time, not saying its bad just that it doesn't look like the type of game to be expensive for long.

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