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Staub Cast Iron Round Cocotte 24cm Black $189.99 Delivered @ Costco Online


Something to bake all that sourdough in! 24cm/3.8L Staub cast iron cocotte in Black (picture appears to be matte black). It was in an earlier deal back in January at Myer for $299. Currently being sold at Myer for $529.95. Not sure if it is in store or just online.

I don't think you need to be a member as its not marked as a Member Only item, will edit if incorrect.

Also not here to start the Staub vs Le Creuset vs Aldi debate. Personally I use the Aldi one and have no issues with it.

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  • That's a really good price! I got a 26cm Le Creuset from Amazon for $364 so for a slightly smaller one that is still made in France i think is a great deal. The 26cm one is huge so the 24cm wouldnt be too much smaller you'd think?

  • I went through a mini search for the most cost effective cast iron casserole to cook bread. I decided on the Lodge combi cooker
    Good reviews, big enough for a loaf and versatile

  • I wonder if it makes any difference to general cooking, ie compared to stainless steel

  • I'm a bit of a Le Creuset tragic, but, being a regular bread maker, I find the sand enamel in the Le Creuset to be painful for preheating (you shouldn't preheat them empty - so put water in first and tip out when ready to bake), so I have just ordered one of these for my baking endeavours. I've also ordered one for my Mum as it's such a good deal. Black enamble interiors don't require as much care as the sand enamel.

  • Could not bring myself to pay hundreds of $ for a Staub or Le Creuset. Had a no name one for $80 that lasted a few months before starting to chip everywhere - and I look well after my stuff.

    Bit the bullet a few years back and bought a 28 cm Staub on special for, I think, $280. Still expensive but that thing still looks like new despite being used at least once a week (I’ve got a lot of other pots). No chips anywhere, excellent cooking. Is it ‘worth’ the money? Well, it’s a block of iron, really, but it very much does what I got it for and it seems it’ll keep going for years. I have a Braun stick blender that works like it’s brand new and I bought that 15 odd years ago. So, yeah, knowing when to pay for quality can pay off.

  • I use a cheap cast iron camp oven for bread at home. Any reason enameled would be better?

    • You don't have to season enamelled cast iron. Also, raw cast iron is bad for slow cooking acidic dishes, like tomato based goods. With a long cook you'll get an iron taste in the food. You should be able to find more info on Google..

    • Yep. I also should have pulled the trigger instead of hunting around for a similar price in red.

  • Staub is definitely my favourite of the bunch of French casserole brands.
    This is a great price, shame it's OOS.

  • Not in store at North Lakes, QLD