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[eBook] Free - A Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne @ Amazon US & AU


A modern classic, free for a limited time :)

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Rushing home one day, Professor Otto Lidenbrock puts himself to work trying to decipher the meaning of an ancient Icelandic text. After some time on an Otto-imposed hunger strike, Otto's nephew Axel finds the translation. This ancient document claims that it is possible to reach the center of the earth! Immediately Otto and Axel leave for Iceland, find a guide named Hans, and set out for the volcanic crater that is to be the entrance to the depths of the planet.

Despite bad weather obstructing their progress, the trio finally manages to enter the crater. After rapelling down, the group starts to encounter all of the terrors and wonders that Verne himself expects a group to find based off (for Verne) recent scientific discoveries. There are rooms full of natural gas, underwater rivers, and vast caves that allow for people to communicate despite being separated by great distances. As the book reaches its climax, the three men find dinosaurs doing battle, as well as evidence of subterranean prehistoric human-like creatures. However, they find that the passage that was supposed to take them to the center of the earth is, in reality, a giant pit that would result in their deaths. Upon finding this pit, they trigger a raging flood, by which the three men are carried thousands of miles to Italy, where they finally exit the subterranean world by way of another volcanic crater.

As always, enjoy :)


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  • +11 votes

    No point reading the book now after reading the above spoiler.

  • +4 votes

    I love the summary provided for the book. I dont have to read the box now as I know excatly what's happening. And it went pretty much the way I expected it to

  • +3 votes

    Is it jv who write the book? Must be a really old person.

  • +7 votes

    Signed copies are not free though…


    Deleted. Wrong thread.

  • +12 votes

    Isn't this Public domain anyway?

    • +3 votes

      My first thought too. Surely Gutenburg Project has this in any unencumbered format you could want…


        Yes the French text is public domain (written in French).
        Important is the translation - some translations to English are in the public domain, some are not, depending on when the translation happened.
        From looking at the reviews, this seems to be an old translation, probably public domain (So old-school english, not necessarily good quality) although the translator seems to be anonymous (?)
        One reason to 'buy' this might be the illustrations, which are mentioned in the reviews as being great.
        Otherwise, free promotion for Amazon, well done Amazon I guess, hope the artists, producers and others in supply chain are still being paid
        It's a great book by a fantastic author - but I am with other comments that in this case, kind of non-bargain as you might as well post everything on Project Gutenberg, no? Unless there is some special reason this edition is different from a freely-available text (eg might be to do with Kindle formatting or something) but from my 5 second research I don't see much/can't find much
        Why not read the book though? not his finest but it's fun in my opinion which no-one cares about. From memory the best freely-available translation is the Malleson one, (might be also the text of this ebook) Gutenberg link is posted by another user below
        Translation = very important

        • +1 vote

          Considering the names of this edition are faithful to the French original, this is one of the better early translations.

          As far as the public domain translations go, the Malleson one is the best, however the Rutledge certainly isn't terrible. Honestly anything is better than the "Hardwigg" translation…

          • +1 vote

            @Haulien: That is the famous rewrite translation, right? which changes the text and rewrites it significantly

            I still find it strange that the translator of this book is anonymous - it seems like that can't be right?? But it is not clear which translation it is


              @billtheconqueror: yep. The "Hardwigg" translation is the one that changes all the character names and does a lot of rewrites…. if I did that disastrous translation I'd want to remain anonymous too 😅


    They made this into a really good movie called The Core.

  • +10 votes

    As mentioned above, this is public domain. Not a bargain.

    Get it from http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/18857 in any format you want instead :)

  • +1 vote

    Clearly fiction as it's flat as a pancake


      If that was in fact the case, this book would be called Journey to the Focus of the pancake.
      So you’re wrong.


    Always free on amazon prime reading (works like a library, take out a number of books, return them and get some more).


    I just grabbed this and it's full of gobbledygook when using the Kindle for PC app. Mostly numbers and symbols, very few letters. I guess it's worth every cent I paid for it :/

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