Gaming Chair vs Office Chair

Hi All,

Need advice on which type of chair I should get. After a month sitting in on kitchen chair with pillow, I am ready to go for alternatives. Can someone please advise, gaming or office chair. Happy to pay around $300 to save my bottom and back.

Thanks in advance.


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    Trying looking on gumtree for offices clearing out their office chairs, you can snag a nice expensive office chair for a bargain and just give it a good clean.

  • I bought this ( for my home office and so far am happy with it.

    • Really like this chair, however a bit pricey at $300.
      Looking at Price Hipster, that is the cheapest price I can see.

      Thanks for the link, bud.

      • No worries. I live in Hobart so don't get much in the way of options. It's very solid and heavy so feels like the right price point compared to everything else I could find.

  • People here often recommend Buro mesh chair. It is good for your tush (very thick seat pad), but I've noticed that I slouch in it really badly, so not good for your back and neck. YMMV.

    • Doesn't work well with shorter people either, eg me :(

      Other than that it is a good quality chair though

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      EDIT: My post above about the Buro chair causing me to slouch might be wrong. It got me thinking and I rechecked the chair. It has two leavers I never noticed before. After adjusting them, I think it might be good for posture. The model I have is the Buro Metro.

  • Thanks all, sounds like gaming seat is the go? Noticed that Buro Mesh is ozbargin favourite but has its disadvantages as pointed out by worlwidehapiness.

    • I would definitely look around in Amart, Fantastic Furniture etc. They all have office/gaming chairs.

    • My post above about the Buro chair causing me to slouch might be wrong. It got me thinking and I rechecked the chair. It has two leavers I never noticed before. After adjusting them, I think it might be good for posture. The model I have is the Buro Metro.

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    • Both chairs are very nice. I've tried both chairs in person and I found that the Markus is more comfortable than the Jarvfjallet, but the Markus can't recline as much as the Jarvfjallet. If you like the Jarvfjallet and also want arm rests, you can buy them for an additional $50 (

    • I've got the Markus at the moment. Very easy to put together. Not as comfortable as my old OfficeWorks chair (in terms of softness and plushness), but I feel like it has better support and it's very good in terms of moving the back around and getting in the right position.

    • I bought the Jarvfjallet as I didn't want the arm rests, adjustments are good.

      Best thing is that the seat depth can be adjusted so you can sit in a proper position easily.

      Seat cushion is comfortable, I've averaged around 10 hours a day, 6 days a week for nearly 2 months now.

      Having said that I am monitoring it as it seems to have curved to my bum, not sure if it will give way in a couple more months but don't foresee any issues if this happens and I need to bring it back to ikea.

    • I have two Markus chairs and have been using them for 4-5 years on medium to high usage.

      Both are still in great condition and I find this is one of the few chairs I don't get uncomfortable on.

    • yep +1 for the Markus. comfortable, solidly built and 10 year guarantee.

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    Don't buy a 'gaming' chair.

  • I want to buy something like this.

    you might have luck on Gumtree.

  • Thanks all, Strand410 why don’t buy gaming chair? Gimmick?

    • They're just not very ergonomic. Most are based on racing bucket seats which look cool, but are designed for an entirely different seating posture. Cars are low, so your knees are somewhat higher than your hips, and bucket style seats hug your body to counter lateral G-forces - useless for a static setting. An office chair from Herman Miller, Steelcase, Ergohuman, or even an Ikea Markus would continue supporting your body years after a racing seat has wrecked your lower back and the pleather has frayed off.

  • Just get yourself a Herman Miller Aeron chair. There are second hand ones. Not in your budget, but you need to look at life cycle costs given how much we all sit in front of our computers. A new Aeron is about $1500. Has a 12year warranty which they can come to you if replacement part needs to be replaced. Just putting it out there.

    • Wow I didnt know that office chair can be that expensive!

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        Yeah. Upfront it looks expensive, but say you have it for 12 years. That's $375 if you say need to replace a cheaper chair every 4 years. No doubt the Aeron can last longer. I think 1 of my chairs is over 11 years old used 7 days a week for many hours.

        Also Living Edge should be having EOFY sales soon, so check on their website or register with them for news on that.

        • Make sense. Thanks Dedbny.

      • I've had mine for over 12 years (about 14) and it's just as nice as the day I got it. For the price it's worth it.

      • I wouldn't buy a Herman Miller chair new, but they are good chairs.
        I suspect in a few months there will be a flood of them on the market as work from home people go back to the office and are looking for cash coming up to Xmas.
        Also consider the Herman Miller Mirra. I actually prefer this to the Aeron, and it is a little cheaper second hand.

        • Which mirra model are you referring to? the Mirra 1 or 2?

          • @monkeyoutlet: Mirra 1.

            • @mskeggs: Any reason why you prefer the Mirra 1 over the Aeron? I've been looking at this model for some time too. Also, any idea whether the Mirra 1's back has a tendency to lose its shape over time?

              • @monkeyoutlet: The back is quite durable and held its shape. We had a hundred or so in the office with only a handful of breakages over a decade.
                I found the Mirra and aeron equally comfortable, but if I was buying with my money I would choose the Mirra as it seems available secondhand a fair bit cheaper.

                • @mskeggs: Okay I see, I might try and get the Mirra 1 then. I held off initially since there wasn't many reviews of the Mirra 1 compared to its second edition.

                  • @monkeyoutlet: I find chair choice quite personal.
                    Some co-workers preferred the aerons.
                    Since you are in Victoria, and cheaper Mirra chairs in Melbourne pop up on Ebay pretty regularly (or at barginer's link below) it's probably a low risk purchase.
                    In any case, all the Herman Miller chairs are good quality and retain their secondhand value if you find it isn't right for you.

  • I hate padded office chairs because it puts too much pressure on my butt and I get numb legs. Bought an Aeron, never had that issue again with its mesh seat. I have had it for 9 years now. It still looks brand new and never had any issues.

    • Can you tell me your secret? I’ve had an Aeron Classic I bought second hand for a month now and all it does is cut off circulation in my legs. I’ve tried every possible height. I have a size B, I’m 174cm tall.

      • I bought a little step just to lift my legs up a little more

  • I got a gaming chair as office chair, before the office said no gaming chair, only office chair. TLTR: I love my gaming chair.

  • The steelcase leap V2 is a nice chair. I picked one up second hand for $50, it’s probably the best purchase I’ve ever made.

    • Where are you finding it for 50 dollars? Been looking around gumtree but there are no listings at all

      • Quite rare, I agree.
        I ended up with this model bought second hand for $150. I like the aeron and Mirra chairs better, but not hundreds of dollars better.

      • I got lucky and spotted a good find on Facebook Marketplace.

  • I found Herman Miller Mirra here for $200. Worth it? Ignoring the colour. Any tried this supplier before? What was the warranty like?

    • I've also been looking at this site, and have emailed them on details. I'll post here if they reply