Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum and Mop Vs Roomba Vs Any Other Option ?


I've currently Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum and am pretty happy with it.
Looking for an another robot vacuum but with Mop functionality as well for ground level while i'll put the exiting one for upper floor.

I know rumba seems to be a leader , however keen to get input on what's proffered go to brand and ofcourse cost effective.
Rumba is quite pricier comparatively.


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    I might be able to offer some feedback as I own both the Roomba M6 and the Roborock S6 and have used both devices for mopping.
    The Roborock as a vacuum is incredible, but as a mop I found it lacking. I would compare it to running a wet cloth over a mess with not much in the way of downwards pressure. However the navigation on the Roborock S6 is incredible and if you only want a very light mopping, this machine is light years ahead of the Roomba M6 in terms of navigation.
    Now the Roomba M6 is by far a better mop, and cleans up all but really caked on mess/stains (which you can have it go over twice if need be). But it’s slow, takes about two hours to do the main area of our house, because of the VSLAM algorithm it bumps into things and moves them so it’s not unusual to see the kitchen bin move when it’s empty and lastly if you put the water jet at the highest setting, it soon chews through its ~450ml tank.
    Now it’s not all bad, when it works it’s probably the most satisfying thing coming home to a freshly mopped house while you were at work.

    So if you want a robot that is purely designed for mopping, the Roomba is the way to go, it’s damn expensive for what it is but when it works it’s an incredible bit of technology. The Roborock S6 is incredible when it comes to navigation and speed, but doesn’t mop anywhere near as well as the Roomba M6.

    Hope that helped.

    • Thanks ! that was great. Roomba it is then. I really need a mop downstairs as with a baby we barely get to it once a week.

    • We are also considering robot vacuums and mopping is not as critical as the vacuum.
      Just wondering if I could jump in here to ask whether he mopping function can be switched off on both models?

      And if so, would the Roborock be superior as a vacuum compared to the Roomba?
      We have floorboards but it'll be interesting to know whether it can navigate onto carpet rugs and floor mats that we have around the intended cleaning area.

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