Take a Job interstate or not? What are the Pros and Cons?

Being short listed for a job in Sydney with low 6fig salary with accommodation as, part of package. 30mins from city. A job that I want. 20yo. Never lived away from home. Have minimal daily living know how. Ie Never paid a bill and minimal cooking experience. No drivers licence yet, but close.

Or take a job which is ok here in Melbourne, but significantly lower salary. Mid high 5 fig. Can live at home no rent.

What are the things I should be aware of if I take the interstate job. Should I take it?

UPDATE:Big Daddy here.
Thks all. The pole is very telling and your comments are very helpful. Back to myself in future threads, so as not to confuse or mess with your heads. I have enough of my own issue. Stay safe all

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      • Knew a family friend who got offered 110k first year at Optiver. Probably similar and definitely possible.

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          I'd hazard 110k starting was for trading or development, not IT. But I'm also guessing OP is old school and doesn't distinguish between development (java / c++ with computer science / software degree) and IT (something like a information technology degree under business school)

          • @hahajama: Yep old school.

          • @hahajama: pretty sure op is just generalising it as swe, 100k is 100% reasonable and been confirmed over and over for these trading dev roles

          • @hahajama: it was for a network engineer role, so sorta IT?

            • @RedLights: first year out of uni? that's very surprising to me, but well done to him/her

        • Can confirm this to.

        • They're up to 180k on their offers now for full package. Really sweet deal.

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    Lol at staying home when you could be making more money with freedom. All that study has = money but no life skills. Aren’t P plates only a weekend away? Out of curiosity, what is your ethnic heritage?

    • He still has studies, but yes Ps not far away, but suspect getting a booking for a test will be difficult with back logs.

  • Living out of home is easy. Family company is nice. Living at home let’s you help and support your family and friends. During covid it’s nice to stay near I think.

    • With Uni already being study at home, it will probably be a good thing for him to spread his wings literally. Go out do the day to day chores. At the moment he's is home bound. He can't even go out to the Gym.

  • minimal cooking experience

    Funny how some people are concern about "cooking".
    In particular when living in Sydney, Melbourne or any large capital city. With a big fat salary and thousand eating options.

    However as you are 51 and not 20 it shows your values about home cooking, and NOT your son's values and opinions.
    Not a very good starting point for advice!!!

    By the way, I know of a guy who is now retired (>65) and never ever cook. Always had meals in suburban eatery places and Leagues Club (steak!), AKA always eating out.
    Cooking experience DOES NOT MATTER.

  • Similar age, similar field, wishing I had that option… Take the Sydney job and don't look back.

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    Who would be offering a 20 year old a low 6 figure salary?

    …"15 hours short of required hours" should have been in the same sentence, not a new one.

  • The ozbrag is strong is this thread.

    When i was 20 years old i was offered $2m for an entry level role yay!

    • I think in this thread the pay makes a big difference between the 2 jobs. If the pay was the other way around. I still think knowing my son he would go for the Sydney job as it's the area he wants to get into. He already turned down a 6mth internship last yeat, and instead went to do one during the summer break for a month, because he thought that company would be more interesting.

    • When I was 9 years old I … whatever you got but double!!


  • Should go, get a license and learn how to cook too.
    This will be a great opportunity for this 20 yo to grow up and become independent from his/her family.

  • It might be worthwile to have a talk with your kid about saving their money too, as they have a great opportunity to get ahead in the whole house-buying circus. That being said, 6 figures is a lot and I would encourage them to spend a bit to make their lives easier, e.g. dishwasher, dryer, decent food delivery service or take away meals, to start off with as they focus on living in a new city and having a new job. It won't make too much of a dent in money but will definitely ease them into the transition. Think long term!

    Edit to say: I support the idea that every should learn how to be independent but sounds like they'll go from living at home and attending uni straight into 80-hour 7-day work weeks and living alone in a new state. Knowing there's some microwave meals in the freezer might be nice when they're going home exhausted after overtime.

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      He's a good saver, so don't think I have to worry about that.

  • Try and teach him the usual adulting skills (energy gov website for comparing power prices, comparing insurances for contents, rules for rentals etc). Will make it all a lot easier.

    See if they can pay relocation costs too. For moving boxes, go to bunnings and get HD ones. They are half the price of Officeworks ones.

    For choosing, maybe try check reviews of the company on GlassDoor. Extra salary may not be worth the burnout and stress it comes with.

    • Thanks for those useful tips. He probably already knows about glassdoor, but I'll check.

      • All good.

        For shipping the boxes, I recommend to use transdirect and go with TNT (used them 6x for moves interstate and never had any problems). Always arrived early and never damaged plus very reasonably priced. Only caveat is transdirect may send you a invoice (~$20) later on with extra shipping charges after TNT has weighed/measured them. The dimensions on moving boxes wont be the same once filled hence why.

        Set the weight per box as 25KG each as it goes by volume (same price for 15KG) and may save you getting an invoice :)

        • Got it. I don't think he will have much stuff to bring over. He lives fairly minimalistly. He may be better getting a furnished apartment or go into a share house.

  • When I read the post, I thought it was odd a 20 years old would say things like low 6 fig high 5 fig etc. :)

    • Right onto it.

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    "Or take a job which is ok here in Melbourne, but significantly lower salary. Mid high 5 fig. Can live at home no rent."

    High 5 figure vs low 6 figure doesnt sound that different….

    Dare i ask what sort of industry pays a 20yr old 6 figures and why we all arent working in it?

    Anyway, id only move away if the job was way better, or im getting at least 25k more….

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    Jesus… what kind of company offers a 20 year old 6 figure salary…

  • "When is the last time, you tried something for the first time" A line that often makes me think regularly.
    I just moved from Melbourne to Toowoomba (QLD) over the weekend for a new role, Want to try something new. Lets see how life thrills :)

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    What job pays a 20yr old 6 figures??

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    Hands down take the role in Sydney. Kid will learn the skills they lack in no time. Given accommodation is included it's a no brainer.
    Many years ago, I moved to Sydney from India when I was 22, didn't speak much English and didn't have a job or accommodation or had the cooking or cleaning skills and yet it was one of the best decision I made in my life.
    Melbourne is not too far, if the kid wants to come home for a weekend it's as easy as a few hours of journey.
    The decision has to be the kids not yours. They need to have to courage and drive. Do encourage him to make the right decision but leave it to him to decide.

  • Sydney offer seems so good. Just make sure to do some research into both companies and read employee reviews on glassdoor before making a decision.

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    Given I have done the opposite of him - Sydney moved to Melbourne - I wanted to give some differences I found between the two cities.

    1. Sydney people generally are a bit of a dick and more closed off than Melbourne peps so unless he has friends already to connect with, Family or a social champ, might be difficult. (Maybe sports team and stuff can help or if his religious)
    2. Weather is a lot better than Melbourne.
    3. Expect shitty coffee unless you know where to go.
    4. Sydney harbor is beautiful.
    5. The vibe in Sydney is really different from Melbourne.
    6. Nightlife is kind of dead.
    7. Since rent is cover (you are fine)
    8. Highly suggest getting a car depending on where he lives. Getting around on the weekends is a lot easier in a car.
    9. Get an e-tag - its a must in Sydney. Sydney's free roads really suck. (Parramatta rd - a bloody 2 laner goes from city to Parramatta that is probably the busiest rd in Sydney that has potholes and hasn't been fixed and instead they make a toll rd that probably congested the rd even more) — toll also costs a leg and arm.
    10. Beaches hands down… Melbourne has crap beaches!

    Hope this helps. Other than that I would say Sydney isn't a bad place to be. I'm assuming that he'll be in a grad program, and so he may make friends through that. I am very good friends with my Grad buddies.

  • Encourage him to go to Sydney. The experiences he'll pick up, and the things he will learn, living alone, will be invaluable in the future.
    He will also develop a better understanding of what it means to run a household (and a life) where your folks aren't around to pick up after you all the time. Plus, if things really turn to crap, he knows that he's still got you (family) to come back to (although he's probably responsible enough not to have to do that).

  • If he decides to stay in Melbourne you should really kick him out and make him live on his own. You don't want a 25 year old man baby still living with you in five years. The longer he stays at home the worse it is for his future life.

    • Go to Sydney. Disagree with above comment. Young people should stay home as long as they can, and save for deposit for their own place.

      • +1

        Money is not the be all and end all of life. Learning resilience and life skills is much more important.

        Also it is funny that you disagree with my comment but you're advising him to move out of home, same as me.

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    Pack your suit case and go! I did it to Darwin. No regrets. You never know what other opportunities might come your way.

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    did you find the fountain of youth? you were 51 years old.

    • Still. See earlier posts. But having said that. I look nothing like my age.

      • Mm. Negged for reply. Ok

  • What did your son study in uni?
    Considering that I'm going into uni next year, and hearing that a 20yr is making 100k annual…

    • +1

      You do realise that you can drive a train and earn that much and don't have to spend 3 years at Uni and the debt. Anyway I don't know the actual specifics of his course and position he is going for may be a niche area as others have already tried to guess.

      All I know is his main course is computer science. In any event try and get an internship prior for your CV. He took up one in the summer break, but he didn't get a call back for a grad position. So not all lost, but it does give you a possible opening at that company if you already did some work experience. In the end he also realised the thing he was doing there wasn't really what he liked.

      Good luck in your studies. Hope that helps for now. If you work hard you may have a similar outcome.

  • Step 1: Get your son to join OzBargain

    • You know what. He is starting to see a bit of the value of this site. As for bargains he's not really interested. He values his time more than if he can save a buck or get something free. It's a cost to time equation for him. As I speak he's now freelanced editing to my partner as he has just finished writing an article for a tech site which is now publishing in some other major sites with bylines. Got to give him credit. Mum gets paid as well for her troubles. Also while on the other screen programming for some new game on the other screen. On the third screen on discord with his mates. Normal stuff for all you tech heads suppose.

  • I moved to Australia when I was 19 all by myself and it was the best thing I did. go for it dude, move to sydney.

  • +1

    I have been checking ozbargain for years, several friends use this site as a result of my advocacy and yet, I have not signed up as yet.
    And the ONE reason why I signed up was to vote for you to GO!
    Just make sure you make the right friends, do your best to make the right decision, learn from your mistakes that you will make and know you're never alone as you have friends and family at home.

    • Thanks for your vote and your time. Enjoy the site even more.

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    Hey mate.

    I'm 25, so couple years older than your son.

    I moved from Sydney to Canberra for a grad job 2.5yrs ago when I finished uni. Pay was nowhere near as good as what your son has been offered!

    But, my point is, it was a great decision. I didn't enjoy every minute of it and some bad stuff happened while I was there, but some awesome stuff too. Met a lot of people, broadened my horizons, gained loads of new skills at work. I'm back in Sydney now and studying a masters, and man, if I did this straight after undergrad I think I'd be a very different person. Much less employable for sure.

    I'd just look out for him in terms of making sure he has extracurricular activities - personally for the first few months of full time office work in my life, I had zero energy left after work to do stuff. But after that I got bored/depressed real quick cause I didn't have anything to do.

    Totally new circles of people, you have to be SUPER proactive to find hobbies and friends.

    • +1

      I do think it's going to be an issue a with getting out there to make freinds with the hours he will be expected to to do. That would be the same if home but at least he has his family here. Even with iso at moment he is copping by discord and gaming with friends with talk there.

      He goes to the gym normally, but don't think that is a social avenue either. He goes at 12am when no one around. Also gyms usually aren't social places. Saw on news there is like a running workout class at night in Sydney. Don't know who provides that. Maybe that could work for him to meet people. Hard. It could get depressing for him if you think about it. Sure the workload won't give him timeto think during the week, but the weekends maybe more obvious.

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    At the end of the day it really boils down to the "Work Hard Play Hard" mentality. Being paid 6 figures really does mean a boatload of stress. If it's his first rodeo it'll take some getting used to, but at the age of 20 with no strings attached, he can afford to do this and should go for his life just for the experience.

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    As crap as Sydney is, I would probably take the job there but keep looking for others in a better city. I.e. Melbourne or Brisbane

    • Is that because of a border things or just that you have experience living there that it isn't good.

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