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Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt Blended Malt Japanese Whisky 700ml $104.99 Delivered @ Kent Street Cellars

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    Wasn't there some dodgy crap going on with Japanese whisky lately?

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      Japanese whisky isn't regulated like scotch is. For scotch to be labelled as such, it needs to be made in Scotland. New brands are buying whiskies from abroad and selling them in Japan and naming them Japanese whisky. You're safe as long as you do research. Brands like suntory, nikka and Mars are some of the biggest Japanese made and owned brands you can trust.

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    Mix this with cordial or lemonade?

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      HAHAHAHHAHAHAH oh my god I've never heard of that one before!

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        Coz whisky normally goes with coke.

    • It's fine in a highball.

  • Not in my world man….

  • I'm a Yamazaki man myself but this is quite decent though there's a huge but not unexpected mark up.

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      Crazy markup when I think only two/three years ago this was going at Narita airport for 30ish bucks AUD. Sure the price is reasonable now… But the same trip I also got a hibiki 17 for under 100….

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        Hibiki 17 for under $100 2-3 years ago….what did you buy like a little sample hahaha

        • I went in Feb 2017 and Hibiki 17 was something like 250 aud. Hakushu 12 could be bought for 100 aud, but Hibiki 17 is definitely pricier than what you've mentioned.

          • @shiny1: Legit. Was Jan 2018 - you had to go to Bic Camera Yurakucho, Tokyo to be exact. 1 bottle per person, per passport (with tax off). I remember jumping on the metro to get back to the AirBNB to go get it - in 30 minutes a full 30ish rack of bottles were already gone haha! I actually bought that, a nika 12, yamazaki, and enough of the small bottles to make a second bottle (no limit at the time!). I'm getting through the small bottles now.

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    Isn't this available at vintage cellars for $107 click and collect? I guess you are saving on shipping with this deal but it's not that much of a deal imo


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      Good find.

  • Out of stock already!!! :(

  • I bought it at around 8pm or so

  • bought two just now at 10:15pm , thanks OP

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    Thanks OP, bought one even though I don't drink whiskey

  • How does this compare to Archie Gold Rye whiskey which is similar price??

  • Added to cart at 11:57pm with the discount. The price was $104.99. Clicked complete order at 12:01am and got charged the full amount of $129.99! Now I have to sort this out with them. Annoyed.

  • Reviews seem a bit mixed on this one, but will give it a go!

  • Can't believe how exy Japanese whiskey is getting here
    This was 1200JPY from 7-11 in Tokyo a few years back. Smooth and one of the best value cheapies whilst I was living there.
    Is amazing to see the rise in prices.

    The 17yr old version of this won an award 5 or 6 years ago, it went from $50 a bottle to $100 to impossible to find when I left 3 years back. It's my favourite drop but honestly having to pay $500 a bottle now just isn't worth it, a $100 scotch will be comparable and I think it's all blown out of proportion a little.

    Lack of supply doesn't necessarily mean it's worth the premium it commands

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    Missed out on this one! My Nikka!!

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