Roborock S6 EU Version at Tecobuy

I'm in the market for two Roborock S6 Vacuum Cleaners and have been doing a fair bit of research lately and it seems the best price I could get these days with a historically low AUD would be around $850+ from a local importer for the "AU" version most likely with an ebay coupon.

This morning I discovered this - AUD676+shipping for "EU Version and on the same line they have mentioned it is for AU market only.

I'm well aware this is a grey import and possibly may not have the RCMs for Australia but do you guys know what the difference between this so called EU version and the ones selling as the Australian model?

Tecobuy in general seems to be getting mixed reviews here and on other forums so would this be a case of; if it is too good to be true, it probably is ?

I'm in no hurry so I'm happy to wait even 4 weeks or more for these to arrive from China/HK and I will be paying with Paypal. I find this deal appealing since I'm planning to purchase 2x I will be making significant savings buying from this mob. Just wanted to hear what you guys think about Tecobuy and their "EU" version in case you have purchased from them recently….

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  • I'm in the same boat about thr same purchase and was curious too. Seem tk be a Tobydeals sister. Just wondering if you ended up making the purchase and how it went