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Bonds Online Warehouse Sale - up to 80% off


Friends of Bonds Online Warehouse Sale - up to 80% off over 1000 styles to choose from across the brands like Bonds, Champion, Jockey, Berlei, Hanes, Rio, Explorer, etc.

Womens undies - from $2
Womens bra & tops - from $4
Mens undies - from $4
Mens Champion Reverse Weave Hoodies - $36 RRP $139.95
Mens Champion Reverse Weave Crew Neck Sweatshirt - $32 RRP $149.95
Womens Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie - $25 RRP $99.95

Good time to stock up for the coming winter season! Happy shopping.

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    • The worst part of this is that items which were in stock when this was posted are now out of stock as I've gone to complete the order.

  • +2

    Bonds really need to work on their website. Such bad customer experience.

  • I'm getting
    "If there is an account associated with Kathy.******@hotmail.com you will receive an email with a link to reset your password."

  • +6

    Site is not working, wasted 30 mins…..
    Also, privacy on this site is questionable currently, on login screen message is displayed as '[email protected] password reset sent'… I shouldn't be displayed other people's email address

  • lol - what an offer when you can't shop due to poor website capacities

  • +1

    Bonds…. got OZBARGAINED

  • +8

    I have managed to go checkout but the amount is in US$, that's weird.

  • -2

    Why do the hoodies have pictures of sperm all over them?

  • the power of ozbargain….

  • +2

    i succesfully checked out but only after reloading the page 10 times hahaha wow that was annoying.

    • only 10 times? I've been refreshing a lot more than that without any luck :(

      EDIT: finally got through!

  • +1

    can someone get off the site please, and let me in?!

  • +7

    It's not a deal if the website is completely unusable

  • Using the bonds website is like trying to get off on an adult site with dial up internet. It's a long and tedious process, and just when you think you're getting close to finishing… Nothing.

  • Website doesn't really work too well for me. Turning into another waste of time.

  • finally checked out after about 2 hours! best of luck to everyone else.

  • +1

    My first neg goes to Bonds!

    wasting 1:30 hours and getting nothing except error.

    Million dollar brand and a penny website!

  • +2

    Can anyone in their 4o's and over, confidently wear Champion gear?

    • Why not :)

      • Its more like Eshay type clothing

    • I thought everyone over 40 didn't give 2 shits anyway haha

    • Thrasher

  • still down

    • +5

      website loading everything in US dollars

  • +2

    Why is mine showing up as USD?

  • +1

    Backup but now in US dollars!

    Lost my previous AU$ cart of stuff.

  • +2

    lmao USD, wish I could revoke my upvote now - what a joke!

  • +1

    just realised that all prices in USD! no deal

  • +1

    these are all in USD!

  • +2

    it's in US$ as I have commented more than an hour ago.

    • Did you get charged in USD or AUD?

      • i cancel it straight away.

        • It seems to be back in AUD now

  • +2

    Whenever I see the word 'Up to' in the same sentence as 'Sale' I just keep scrolling.

  • I thought it said "Pay us $50" on my purchase not meaning US dollars, I'm so glad that the credit card transaction wouldn't process

  • +4

    What an absolute joke of a deal. First the site doesn't handle high vol traffic and when they finally get it up, they sneakily switch all prices to USD.
    Waste of time.

  • damn if you don't check your cart and your just keep clicking, your [email protected] pay double the price.

  • Back to AUD now, just ordered

  • +5

    lmao USD

  • AUD, order submitted, only charged once. Woohoo, champion stuff $150 savings!

  • randomly got through checkout, refreshed page and gave me a confirmation number
    charged in AUD

  • +1

    Eventually made it through. No confirmation email though. I think most of these orders are going to be refunded.

    • +1

      Why? They aren’t price errors

  • This sucks. Appears nothing in stock in XL.

  • Is it free shipping?

    • It is if you sign up for free membership.

  • +1

    ngl those champions clothing looks ugly af for men. The female one looks alright though

  • Any chance of restocking items?

  • Damn people are quick! In stock in checkout then next minute gone :o

  • +2


    ± Selected styles and colours only. % off applies to RRP. Prices as marked. Not available in conjunction with any other offers. While stocks last. Products can only be returned if faulty. Offer ends 11:59PM AEST on 24/05/20.


    • Wow did not realise this either…

    • I don't know where you saw that but I found this on the product screen: "We accept change of mind returns for FREE for up to 60 days provided they meet our returns criteria."

      • +1

        in the home page next to the 80% bla screen you will find ± at the end of that sentence….. If you scroll to bottom of the page you will find that sentence I copied

        • +2

          Ah I see. That's misleading then. I'm sure an item can become "faulty" in post anyway.

  • +1

    would buy so much if the site was working

  • +1

    Some dark shit happening. Logged in and I somehow joined another users session where I could see that users email.

  • same here, would have bought a few items if the websites working properly. I am not going to order things that might me charge on US$ or being ordered 5 times coz of a [email protected] site.

  • +4

    i am just hoping if anyone can DDOS their server completely down in order for them to properly rebuild it again. F**king crap shit.

  • The site is a joke. Wont even let me sign in or add anything into cart.

  • EVerything stuck on 'processing'…

  • Calm down folks, it's only Bonds

  • FFS! I've been trying to checkout for the last hour..

  • sorry op not on you but BONDS failed with their promotion.

  • stacks with unidays 10%

  • +1

    Site not working. cannot add anything to the bag.

  • +2

    Man I just want some socks

  • Lol, can access site buy by default prices are in USD

    Even though it has detected me as in Aus (flag at the top right)

    • the whole web site in in USD now

  • +1

    Mine showing up in $US. Not worth the effort. Got them cheaper at Kmart on clearance.

  • +1

    wow this has got to be the biggest fail ever!!!

  • +1

    I have items in my cart since 4 hours ago. I waited for the site to stop crashing now to find.. USD PRICES

    Thanks for nothing but a waste of time, fix your site.

    UPDATE, site is working and back to AUD now.

  • +2

    Currency in USD.
    Site not working.
    No deal.

  • +1

    what a pathetic way to do promo! changed all prices to USD!

  • Looks like they booted up the DEV backup, all prices in USD and PayPal is converting it to AUS with the current exchange rates which are abysma.

  • +1


  • My order in my bag at midday was still there. Managed to check out then. It appeared as USD, but was still in AUD when it came time to pay. Haven't received an order confirmation to my email yet….let's see……

    • The exact opposite thing happened to me. Everything was showing AUD then when I went to pay it switched to USD and I freaking clicked too quickly. Emailed Bonds straightaway to cancel my order but they said it's underway so I need to wait for the delivery and generate a returns authorisation number, return the items and wait up to 30 days for the refund to be processed :'(

  • why are the prices in USD

  • Just made an order, its back to AUD. Gl everyone.

  • yep! Back to AUD, nabbed 2 hoodies and sweats and some socks and underpants :-) good timing because I've been looking to replace some of my socks and underwear! Thank OP, frustrating shop but really good deals

    • no confirmation email but my cashrewards tracked, sale price $10 less than what was displayed on the Bonds checkout so we'll see lol

      • probs cause GST isn't included in cash rewards calculation

  • +5

    lol all the XXL male undies are out of stock. Too many fatboi's buying cheap pizza deals on oZBargain.

    • Ozbargain is making people fat

  • Able to check out with $100 worth of items. Well worth the 4 hours lol. My time got Ozbargained…

    • +2

      That’s $25 an hour.

      • Are you offering me a job?

  • got a cap and beanie.. $12 total..

  • Got a cap and a backpack for $32 delivered. Heaps of socks for $1 a pair but i have too many socks already.

  • +2

    Got a champion jumper, champion hat, 11 pairs of socks, 2 panties, 1 sports bra for $55. Not too bad!

  • +1

    Still seems to be going. Was able to order fine, just limited options and sizes now.

  • +1

    ozb is a deadly machine…spent 45min this arvo trying to grab some stuff to no avail

  • +1

    All small for male underwear is all gone.

    Why even have a size filter when it shows all items anyways.

    • There’s a post above saying all the XXLs undies are gone. Maybe you need to swop places, get some fatboi pizza.

  • Just bought and was charged in AUD.

    But I did notice a couple of items were showing in USD when I was browsing. Didn’t put any of those in the basket.

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