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[Switch] NBA 2K20 $4.49 (Was $89.95) @ Nintendo eShop


Great price!

NBA 2K has evolved into much more than a basketball simulation. 2K continues to redefine what’s possible in sports gaming with NBA 2K20, featuring best in class graphics & gameplay, ground breaking game modes, and unparalleled player control and customization. Plus, with its immersive open-world Neighborhood, NBA 2K20 is a platform for gamers and ballers to come together and create what’s next in basketball culture.

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  • That's a biiiig drop in price!

  • +14

    At this price was just gonna hit buy, then noticed it's 41.3GB.

  • Finally Switch gets this sale too.

  • +3

    PS4 platform is somehow the most expensive among all 3. Wonder why…

    • +1

      I know it's not the definitive answer, but I find PlayStation users are generally loyalists that will pay whatever the difference is to have the game on that system. A couple of my friends have all 3 major systems and will spend more to get a game on PS4 even if the experience is identical elsewhere and cheaper.

      • Sounds like your friends aren't true OZ bargainers, I would never pay more for a PS4 version of a game over the Xbox one version. Unless it contains the flag of Brazil ;)

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    • +4

      I'm surprised Switch isn't the most expensive here for 2k20

    • It was on special for $7.55 on PS4 Au store, got it over the weekend, not sure if its still on special

      • Yes, it's still $7.55 there.

  • +13

    Don't play basketball, don't care about the game. Ozbargain made me get this game because it was cheep-shizzle.

    • +19

      You won't like it then
      Sports games are so simulated these days
      Unless you follow the sport and put in ample training, it's tough to enjoy.

      Had friend come over since lock down has eased and they just can't be played casually

      Where's a new nba jam?

      • +10

        i agree with this. i'm not usually a sports video gamer, i played the occasional FIFA and winning eleven when i was younger but i'm mostly on console for playstation exclusive titles. i saw this game going for cheap the other day and bought it thinking i could have some fun playing it casually.

        boy was i wrong, sure you could score a couple stupid hoops here and there but playing against an AI pulling moves, combos and triangle passes, the gaming experience wasn't rewarding at all unless you thoroughly learn the mechanics of the game. sure people could argue this would apply to most video games with depth but the learning curve to earn any satisfaction is too steep imo.

        • +5

          It's all them fancy buttons.. back in my day, there was a d-pad and 2 buttons. Two! You had to imagine you were doing anything more than the most basic 5 year old dribbling

          • +6

            @aragornelessar: 2?!

            Used play soccer and hockey with my neighbour on the commodore 64 with connected Atari 2600 sticks

            Would lay awake at night dreaming of an extra buttons and the amazing things it must do :)

            • +3

              @iamhurtin: Luxury!
              100 million Mac users had to dream for another 2 decades.

            • +2

              @iamhurtin: International Soccer from disk drive?


              We used to have to go down t store, buy a coding book and type in each line of code ourselves

              ..in basic?

              in basic on the Vic 20.

              We used to dream of havin a commodore 64 with tape or disk drive.

          • +1

            @aragornelessar: runa and shoot? no passing required lol

      • +1

        Yeah its very difficult, even for a 20 year NBA 2K/Live/ESPN Vet.

        If you want something similar to NBA Jam, theres NBA Playgrounds. big cartoony characters, exaggerated dunks etc. Heres the steam store link, but its on Switch, XO and PS too. https://store.steampowered.com/app/726590/NBA_2K_Playgrounds...
        Its not a simple NBA Jam clone though, theres MTX, and AFAIK you have to get packs to unlock players. Also, its not on sale. But an NBA Jam like game does exist thats all im saying :)

        • Yeah I got playgrounds hoping it would be ok as an NBA Jam substitute. Its awful. That said I have built an arcade machine and have NBA Jam on it, so I'm not too upset :-)

      • +1

        NBA Jam is cute.

        Start Here

        • Good lord… from back in the days when basketball players wore Daisy Dukes.

          • @AngusD: Better than mum's bloomers, with bush hanging-out!

            The memories still burn

      • +2

        Oh god NBA Jam was glorious. My mate and I shovelled so much money into that back when we were uni students. That and Daytona were the main reason I never had any money back then :D


        • +1

          I spent more time playing those than attending uni lectures. Especially using the hidden characters in NBA Jam.

        • My mate and I used to play two-player NBA Hangtime on the PC - on one keyboard. Thinking back, I'm surprised my Yahoo keyboard at the time had NKRO.

      • +1

        OMG another regrettable decision! Oh well, I will add them to my ozbargain impulse purchase list. At least this decision has no evidence trail for the boss to find out.

      • Throw into El Goog- "NBA Jam 2K20: Tournament Edition"

        Modded SNES ROM

        insert Oprah on stage pointing at crowd members gif

    • +8

      Even if you do play basketball, you won't like this game. 2K has been so greedy for the last few years (since they are part of Rockstar) they make you grind to the point of pretty much asking for real money in each game they made since 2013.

  • +1

    We ballin’

  • +2

    Almost jumped on the VPN sale. Decided to wait, hoping for our region sale. Thanks OP

  • +5

    This review of the game is hilarious. Wtf lol.

    Even at this price I think I'll pass.

    • +1

      The review says the game play is good. Just don't buy it if you like the story mode.

      • +1

        That's true, seems like the story mode is junk LOL.

    • +3

      What a shocking review. Bags the game for having modes LOL WTF???

  • Was hoping this would go on sale so I could buy it and be disappointed, but hey right now any basketball must be good

    • Best basketball game on the Switch. If you like basketball you will like this. Not rocket science lol

      • Best? close to only - was super pumped when 2k18 came out and the game was terrible.

        At least this way I can play with settings so I can at least pretend Houston won.

        • Haha, this game shouldn't disappoint, plays well!

  • -1

    Dang, thought this was a crazy good deal on fast NBN, woops.

  • Would buy for this price. But don't have an SD card yet.

    • +1

      Can't you just buy it and have it on your account, then download it later when you have the storage space?

      • This is correct

        • ok SOLD!

  • +1

    Yes!! now we're talking!

  • +1

    great, was waiting for this ! cheers

  • oh no just bought from JP store

  • +4

    Already have 2K19, have hardly played it…probably shouldn't buy this, probably will.

  • i hav this in PS4.. but at this price, why not!?

  • +1

    My first basketball game's NBA live 2003, and then 2k series wiped out all other competitors, because of its good content and continuous improvement to the game play. But WTF is 2k doing now? Is there really a point of buying new one every year? It's been five years maybe, each one felt the same. Don't know when my favorite myplayer mode became a joke.. Id rather see 2k make a RPG NBA game.. At least each game can be a different hall of fame player.. $4 is cheap as shit, but i would spend it on coffee instead..

    • +2

      Any multi player game or a sports fan gamer has to buy the new version no matter how terrible it is (thanks pes2020)

      Best thing about having exclusive licences, you can make a crap version that everyone hates and still buys, then fix an issue, release a new version and everyone thinks you're great and then probably buys more coins.

      Make more from there failures than successes.

      Still, what can you do? Follow another sport, get another hobby, go outside?!?

  • +2

    Micro transactions aside, Switch version any good?

    • +2

      I love playing the switch version. I'm amazed each time i play it that they've managed to make it work so well on such limited hardware. For me it looks awesome, plays great and is super fun. One big thing though, i don't ever play online or do any of the my player parts. So i just play exhibition games. So i can't speak for micro transactions or anything like that. If you like basketball though it's a great game.

      • Thanks, might give it a go at this price then (if it will fit on my SD). Not really a basketball person but have been playing a little 2k19 after watching The Last Dance.

  • +1

    Can I buy as a gift?

  • +1

    That is a crazy price drop! Even if I only get an hour or two from the game, I feel it's $5 well spent.

  • +1

    I dont have a microsd card for the 40gb download. Anyone recommend which one to buy?

  • Damn, bought this a few weeks back when it was on sale. Now it's on sale again and much cheaper.

  • Nice, use my Ps4 to play this but for this price nice to have on switch as well , Thanks OP

  • Haven’t found a Switch yet. Can I buy this before price goes up (even without a Switch)!?

    • +2

      No, unfortunately. It requires a Nintendo account to be linked with the console, which will then allow purchases to be made on the website.

  • +2

    BAH! Nice find. I literally just yesterday went through the motions of creating a Japanese account and buying JP online credit to buy from their estore. $4.49 download is easier and also cheaper (had to spend $9 for a 500yen nintendo card).

    • +1

      Haha same boat mate.

      If you're trying to figure out how to spend your leftover yen, bloodstained - curse of the moon has been a heap of fun. Very castlevania, if you dig that sort of thing.

    • where'd you get the 500 yen card from? I could only find 1000 yen for roughly $20

      • got mine from seagm.com

        Search for the post for this game available from JP estore. There were a few places to obtain JP credits, although one site only had minimum 1000yen. I found the above from another post in that thread

  • Damn…

  • +3

    A steal for the Switch? It feels like I am hallucinating.

  • That's an absolute steal (bought on PS4 as well), glad I missed the sale when it was $29 a couple weeks back, its become almost impossible to find it physically in stores and ebay sellers are overpricing it, thanks to the OP for bringing it to our attention, now if only they would do the same for FIFA i would be happy but EA are tight and it wont happen.

  • Thanks, bought

  • Thanks! I wonder why it's so cheap right now..

    Ended up having some coins as well so only spent $3.78 🙌🏼

  • +2

    Is this that game that was promoting gambling via microstransactions?

    Yeah, no thanks. I won't be supporting this garbage even if it was free.

    • You don't have to do micro transactions. Just play season mode.

  • -1

    Can the digital copy be sold later to another person as 2nd hand like the physical copy?

    • -1

      reselling toilet paper and sanitizer doing pretty bad atm for ya hey

      • Come on mate, you serious? What's wrong with selling 2nd hand used item that you don't need??? This is not a restricted or essential item, if you want to blame someone, please blame those people who were panic buying!

    • +1


      • Thanks, does it because it is locked to your nintendo account?

        • Short version: yes

          Selling or buying second hand digital items in real life is generally bad idea. It often involves selling binded accounts, which have your digital finger prints all over the place. It's a big security risk. To both buyers and sellers.

          Most importantly, I don't recall any company supporting this officially.

  • Note that you will bed a microSD card to install this game. It doesn't fit on the internal memory.
    It told me that after I bought it and was trying to install it

  • Error Code: 9001-1609

  • Excellent price! Any deal on 64GB SD cards?

    Can find $15 ones in ebay.

  • +1

    Any deals coming on steam / pc?
    I sold my copy of NBA on switch a few months ago as I found it super slow. I could deal with the in-game graphics and frame rate… but it was everything in between like the menus and stuff.. Just reallllly slow.

  • Damn, wish they did this before I spent money trying to buy it on the Japanese eShop. Had to spend about $10 for it in the end. Still a killer deal overall.

  • +1

    I paid for it with a coin discount (came to $2.82 or something) and I've already had $2.82 of fun. It's punishingly hard on Pro and laughably easy on Rookie, and the control scheme is bamboozling, but even if I only play a half dozen quick games and then delete it, it's still worth $5.

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