MacBook Air Options

Bare with me not the best with computers.

Is this a good deal?

2019 Model 16gb RAM, 512GB SSD, 8th Gen i5.

I understand that the 2020 model has a much beter Intel processor (10th gen i5) and Graphics memory but if I want the same specs (16gb RAM 512GB) it'll cost $2,299.

So pay $572 more for 10th Gen i5 and better graphics?

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  • What are you using the computer for?

    • Some photo editing, watching movies, general laptop use (Chrome).

      Also worried how future proof the 8th Gen i5 is?

  • The keyboard on the new 2020 MBA is apparently better than what the old 2019 MBA was like, so depending on preference you may feel like you want the new one. Also if you are just using the laptop for general chrome use and watching movies pretty much any laptop would be fine, and both the 2019 and 2020 have great screens for viewing, although you may feel that the screen size is small for extensive movie watching. For photo editing, the 2020 MBA will be able to use its 4 cores and faster RAM to make it faster. In my opinion, I would probably save the money especially if it is an occasional photo editing and spend it on something else. Also checkout Click Frenzy they may have deals.

  • the 2020 keyboard is so much better

  • Get the 2020 model for sure. I’ve had 7 repairs and two subsequent CRU’s (Complete Replacement Model) at the Apple Store because of the unstable butterfly keyboard in the 2018/2019 model.

  • You can get the 2020 model for $2109 on the Apple education store. I don't think they check for a student ID when buying.