Will a KVM or a Mix of Other Devices Help Sort out My Problem?

Long story short; I've got a work laptop hooked up to a Targus dock via USB-C cable.
The dock has a keyboard/mouse and 2 monitors connected to it (1xHDMI and 1x Displayport).

I have recently bought a home desktop PC and would like to use the monitors and keyboard/mouse with my PC.

My current issue is:
Desktop has a USB-C port on the motherboard (Asus ROG Strix x570-i gaming) but only recognises the Peripherals. It does not recognise the 2 monitors connected to the dock.

Any simple solutions?
Would prefer the wallet friendly option first!

Pic here for reference: https://imgur.com/5YN5GxA



  • Sounds like there's a compatibility problem there, which will take a lot of effort to troubleshoot…

    Simplest and cheapest solution is to manually move your displays over to the PC GPU. If you're not going to swap the work laptop in often, then you're set. Of course, it's almost guaranteed as soon as you do you'll need to swap it back again.

    Any reason you can't use your PC for work stuff? Then you don't need to swap anything ever. I've not been committed to any single device for years; as long as I can get on the net then I can access everything via the cloud - although as the designated IT admin I did set it up this way! This would mean you're not having to use the laptop except when mobile.

    • Work provided laptop.
      Everything set up on that already and I prefer to keep my PC for my own personal use.

      At least when I shut off the work laptop - I am 100% off work.

  • I had a similar issue. MY dock only started working after I installed DisplayFusion Pro - I am not pushing that as the only solution, but it worked for me.

  • Judging by your pics, the issue is the cables

  • this will add 2 more cables, but assuming the monitors have dual input what about one input from each monitor goes to the dock and one to the pc?
    You'll just need to change the monitor input each time you swap over and plug the dock into the PC for the mouse and keyboard.
    You'll get to use your PC GPU this way as well.

    • Yeah, thanks. This sounds most logical or I might buy a USB switcher for the keyboard mouse.

  • I always had grand dreams of doing this myself but it just became too unpractical or needed me to invest more money in a proper KVM switch rather than trying to jimmy the dell dock to do it. For a while I did have some extra cables running from my monitors and would run those through the dock but turned my very clean desk into a cluttery desk.

    I am lucky to have a house with two separate work stations so I have one set up for working and one set up for my home PC, I would like to do it all from my 'spot' but having the separation helps me focus on work a bit better (which has now become work from dining room table from laptop to keep eye on the kids while WFH).

  • Usually there is a special driver to install on your PC to recognise the monitors attached to the dock (not plug and play). Have you looked at this?

  • Not all USB-C cables will work. Try the one that's working between laptop and hub, and use that between desktop and hub.

  • Go to https://au.targus.com/pages/driver-support

    Install The required software for the dock. Should work.

    Had The same issue with a Dell usb dock.

  • Have you installed the displaylink drivers on your desktop?
    i had a targus dock at work which would only detect the monitors after installing displaylink

  • So far nothing seems to work!
    Might need to look into a USB Switcher and a Displayport/HDMI Switcher.
    Seems to cost way less than an actual KVM!