How Legit Is This 512 Micro SD Card? [Solved]

EDIT: Looks to not be a 512 card!

Hi there, I'm looking to upgrade my Nintendo Switch SD card (as I'm going mostly digital with my library) and I came across the 512GB Micro SD card on Amazon:

Can anyone verify whether this item could be potentially fake? What are the signs to look out for?

Seems to be a pretty good deal at the moment.



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    Well, it’s not 512gb for a start…

    Samsung MC256GA/APC 256GB Evo Plus Class 10 UHS-I microSDXC U3 with Adapter

    • Oh crap, I didn't even notice that - thanks!

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        The best way to see if they are fake is to test them. There is a small program you can run which will give you the true size of the card and run speed tests on it. From memory the program is called h2testw.

        Also, google up and watch a few YouTube videos on how to spot fake cards. One tell tale on the Samsung evo cards is the thin edge of the cards is white on real Samsung cards, where fake cards tend to be black…

        You are not going to be able to test if they are fake by looking at photos on a sellers page. If the cards are fake, the photos will also be fake.

        • Thanks for letting me know! :)

  • If someone is charging $100 for a fake card then they have balls. Normally fake cards are stupidly cheap - not just a bit cheaper than the rest. If you lose $15 buying a fake card then you might not go through the hassle of getting a refund; but you probably will for $100 - and remember that refunds hurt a seller.

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    Looks to be 256gb as per the title, rather than 512gb in the picture. Would go off the title as gospel in this case.

    Scorptec is legit, but the listing picture is just wrong in this case.

  • It is described as 256…

  • Q:Why is 256GB advertised as 512 in the picture? This is deceiving.

    Answer this question
    A: Ask to the people who advertise this way, why do you asked me??? WHY and WHY and WHY. Why do you want people's opinion about this matter. If you have nothing to say, say nothing!. (of course this is deceiving, very obvious!!!)

    Beshir · 4 months ago

    A: Hi, we apologies for the inconvenience. However, the listings are created by Amazon automatically, I will investigate it and will get it sorted out.

    Thank You for letting us know

    • Hahahah I just saw the seller's replies, super aggressive to potential customers - nope.

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        I don't think "Beshir" is a seller.

      • That idiot that replied is not the seller, they are just another of Amazon’s users. The seller will usually have “seller” tag after their name

  • Any recommendation on which SD cards is suitable for switch? Thinking to get a 128gb or higher

    • U1 is the minimum speed for switch, but Nintendo say faster is better. I wouldn't get anything slower than U3. I have a 128gb U3 Samsung card. I personally prefer Samsung over Sandisk. I've had a few failures with Sandisk in the past.

    • Silicon power, lexar, and kingston are excellent too. I'd only go with the U3 variants within sandisk

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    I saw this too and.almost bought it but then saw it was for 256gb. Glad OzB can look out for one another. Cheerio mateys

  • If you're buying from Amazon, keep an eye out on who the actual seller is. You'll want to buy from Amazon (shipped and sold by Amazon), or a reputable third party seller (authorised reseller/distributer or well known local computer shop if you must).

    Amazon aggregates reviews by items and not by sellers, so you'll see good and bad reviews on the item, but not know who the seller is. People will scream fake, and it's a high probability it was from a dodgy seller but no way to see who the seller was from that review.

  • Has anyone seen those U3 512gb PNY microsd cards that state "100mb/sec" for like $20 on or wish app? Now are they legit? Lots of high 4+/5 reviews but I remain very skeptical and hesitant until I know that OzB people can help verify it.

    (There are many nonsense and products such as like "1 million mah" powerbanks, but can ignore them. But there are some unbelievable 97-99% off deals that do seem legitimate based off the numerous positive customer reviews).

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      It would never ever trust anything from Wish to be even remotely legitimate. That includes the products and the reviews.

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