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Seiko Black Samurai SRPB55K $389, Seiko Prospex Arnie SNJ028P $479 Shipped @ Starbuy


Couple of deals I noticed this morning, both of these have dropped a little since yesterday. Some others might have also but i've only noticed these as I have been looking at them a bit lately.

Black Samurai:


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  • Heads up, all 3 links go to the same watch…

    • Yeah i couldnt work out how to have two links in the link field, tried comma delimited didnt work. Copy paste error for the samurai, ill fix.

      • I would have thought you would be able too in the body of the text, even if it doesnt hyperlink…

        edit: yeah just like that.

  • I bought the SRPC07 from one of the previous bargains. The samura is a very nice watch 👍🏻

  • +1

    ehhhh, this is like pokemon, have 3 different samuari already, do I "collect em all" ? …. typically samurai get down to $329 at some stage …

    • Not sure about the samurai model, but ive not personally seen this arnie version this cheap before.

      • 👍🏻
        (Molten Lava)

      • Has been as low as $335 back in May 2018 when watchnerd was still around.

        • The arnie ? or the samurai? If thats the arnie thats a crazy price.

          • @ashoz85: Ah oops, samurai. Well at least now you know you didn't miss out :-)

      • I wish it was the normal Arnie, i don't want this "special" rose gold bezel version.

        • +2

          Honestly I was torn between this and the regular Arnie. I chose this as the gold is quite muted and the keeper, buckles and buttons are all muted black so it cuts down a bit of the size illusion.

  • Any promo code for Click Frenzy Mayhem? =D

  • Guys can anyone tell me what is the difference between Seiko Coutura Solar SSC752P vs SSC754P?

    I am seeing both are identical :/ the Starbuy got the SSC752P however, I am seeing the SSC754P elsewhere as well.

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