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[PC] Free Upgrade to Definitive Edition - Mafia II and III @ Steam


If you already own Mafia II or III on Steam, you can now upgrade to their respective Definitive Editions.

For Mafia II, that means an overhaul of graphics, as well as the inclusion of all DLC
For Mafia III, that means all DLC is now yours.


Mafia II: DF: https://store.steampowered.com/app/360430/Mafia_III_Definiti...

Polygon says that it's also available for PS4 and XB1, but cannot confirm (https://www.polygon.com/2020/5/19/21263772/mafia-2-mafia-3-r...)

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  • +6

    now waiting for the free mafia 2 or 3 hehehe

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    Can you give more information how the upgrade works? Do you place Mafia 3 Definitive in cart? I have Mafia 2 Classic in my library but don't see any free upgrade option

    • +10

      For me, Mafia II: DE Appeared alongside the regular Mafia II (now called Mafia II:Classic) in my Steam Library

      For Mafia III, it was an update

      • +1

        Yeah, I've got Mafia 2 (Classic) on steam, but the Definitive Edition hasn't mysteriously appeared in my library

        • +14

          So, I went to the Steam Store page for Mafia 2 Definitive Edition and there it said it was already in my library, I clicked the "Play Now" link, and now it's there

  • Not gonna happen but would've been nice to see the same for those that purchased digitally on console.

    • If you have 3 digitally, you get the free 'update', which is just free DLC. Unfortunately because 2 was from last gen and is emulated on new consoles it doesn't count :(

      Very keen for the remake of 1 in a few months though!

  • Keep in mind that apparently the definite version doesn't support ultrawide where the original did

  • Weird deal to post, I mean can anyone who didn't own mafia already take advantage of this? Or like, are you posting it because the owner has to upgrade manually or they miss out?

    I wouldn't think buying the old one would upgrade you, it's probably a 1 off

    • Dont know how but it worked for me, and seems from the other comments, multiple other people too. It seems that it is only for those who have owned either game.

  • Thanks for this. I bought Mafia II long time ago and wasnt even considering buying the new one.

  • If you have original Mafia 2 or 3, and it hasn't unlocked the definitive version, try installing the classic. Worked for me.

  • +3

    it will upgrade itself you don't have to do anything

  • Excellent. I'm half way through Mafia III and thoroughly enjoying it (albeit a tad repetitive).

    Next in the queue is Mafia II upgrade, time to get on it.

  • Nice to give it away for free.

    I have both Mafia 2 and 3, and I've looking for an excuse to replay 2.

  • +1

    YouTube commentary on the difference between 2 original and 2 remastered is.. Not positive.

    • +1

      It looks almost identical as you can see here and in some cases the original looked better imo

      • Yikes, the modern day remake…..

  • Mafia 1 and 2 are some of my favourite games of all time. I'm stoked about a remaster for Mafia 1 as that's the best of the three but I'll happily play an upgraded mafia 2 for free :)

  • Mafia 1 Definitive looks like it's not free, guess that will be the one worth getting then.

  • I didn't realise these were actually releasing so soon. Thanks for the heads up, OP!

  • Apparently, I got the remake of the original for free on Steam as well. I'm so confused about that.

    And mind you, I haven't bought the original Mafia at all…yet.

    • +2

      going to need some receipts on that statement, chief

      • I would but I don't have that.

        Also upon checking, I do have the original Mafia but on GOG, which is even more bizarre.

  • Worked, thx

  • 2 and 3 meh. Waiting for 1

  • A remake of 1 would definitely get my simoleons.

    • Looks like there is one up for pre order! But it's $65 dollarydoos…. So yeah I'll play the waiting game.

  • Nice! I've had a standard Mafia 3 key from humble sitting unused for ages because I didn't have the season pass. Now I do I guess! (Confirmed, yes I do) guess that faster baby DLC key is now pointless lol.

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