Mazda CX-30 G-20 Touring or Subaru XV 2.0i Premium. Help Me to Choose

Considering to buy a new car for our family in one month, EOFY, and wanted to know the thoughts/votes of the ozbargainers on the shortlisted two cars-

Mazda CX-30 G-20 Touring $38839 and Subaru XV 2.0i Premium $37514.

Our kids are 7 and 9 years old, the car will mostly be used to drive them from/to school, regular sport competitions in city, and occasional out of city trips.

The points we are looking at are:

  • Long term ownership (10 years plus) and reliability
  • Convenience to drive in urban area
  • Comfort in general and in rear seats particularly
  • Fuel economy

We haven’t test-driven them yet but we’ve shortlisted them because they are of approximately the same sizes (we don’t want to have longer cars), have rear vents (very important in Adelaide summer trips, and which many other cars don’t have) and consume almost the same amount of fuel (8L and 8.8L accordingly, in urban).

Your thoughts and personal experiences will be appreciated.

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  • 69
    Mazda CX-30 G-20 Touring
  • 28
    Subaru XV 2.0i Premium


    • 3-6 months of waiting time

      • If you want Cruiser yes

        Whole stack of GX/GXL hybrid coming in July

  • can I ask why not a toyota rav4 hybrid? a well sorted suv that will accommodate a growing family.

    • +1

      We sat in a new rav4 hybrid a couple of months ago. My impression, again, my impression, it is an expensive car with 'bear bones' in it- sometimes you want to drive a car with pleasant feeling to the in- cabin environment, but not cheap plastics. Sorry, I can't justify paying 30+ K for Toyota cars, as well as some Kia and Hyundai models. That is the reason why we've sourced out some extra cash for that 'extra luxury touch'. We will be driving the car for 10 plus years, and just the idea of seeing and touching the hard plastic kills me. Again, it is my personal opinion as I expect many people may disagree with this statement.

      • Is getting hybrid a big saving if city and weekend driving < 10k km? CX series look pretty good in and out, but u pay extra. Only shame in Mazda is their infotainment system, which is not great, but usable.

        I agree with the bare bones in Rav4. Toyoyta are ridiculously reliable cars, but very bland. Klugger is exception and is pretty good.

        • +1

          Hybrid also makes sense from the increase in power and torque. Goes from a 2.0L petrol, to a 2.5L hybrid, so a far nicer drive imo

          Interestingly, most reviews praise the amount of standard kit the new RAV4 has when compared with the competition, dollar for dollar. 2 days ago Caradvice compared base model RAV4 with Tiguan, and it went to the RAV4.

          As for soft vs hard plastics. Meh. I jump in and out of different cars all day and I've never knocked on the dash to feel the plastic, and it doesn't affect how it feels to actually drive the car. Though I do love when customers go and knock on panels lol

          • @spackbace: Well I don't knock on panels but you will accept that hard plastics don't look nice. I was looking for a cheap SUV and a demo Equinox came up. I saw the interior and ran away. We went for an Outlander second hand. To be honest, it is boring to drive but at least it is presentable.

            • @Colombian: I'd prefer a more comfortable driving position, better features, better engine/gearbox, lower running costs, better reliability, better passenger comfort and space… before I bothered about plastics.

          • @spackbace: Yea. Used Rav4 earlier and tempted to drive something else. Not sure why others manf. not getting into hybrid.
            Also, not sure if enough savings or maintenance for hybrids.

            • +1

              @EnALup: Honestly don't see the big deal about hard plastics if it's not a touch point.

  • You can get the Subaru XV 2.0i S for $37514

  • +2

    I noticed you're in Adelaide, not sure if it's the same but in Vic most metro Subaru dealers are owned by the same group which makes servicing after warranty expensive.

    They offered me 20% off my servicing when I'm not even paying 20% of what I use to pay with them. Avoid subaru if you can….

    • +2

      Subaru servicing is a scam, I don't get why it's so expensive. The 2nd capped price service for my impreza is $600?? At just 25000km??? It's not even a major service.

      • +3

        first and last subaru for me. OP avoid is my suggestion

        • +1

          I agree. Why some subaru owners claim they will never buy another brand is beyond me

          • @Wiser: Because I have never once serviced my car at a dealership after the free service period is over. I get my cars serviced through an independent mechanic who is skilled, honest, and will do a better job at a lower price. To be honest I didn't even know that Subarus are comparatively expensive to service.

    • +3

      Why get it serviced at the dealer? Hardly a reason to not buy a Subaru. I've had two and loved them. Never went to a dealer for servicing though!

      • +1

        it wasnt just the servicing but its the one that stands out to me, let me think what else
        1. the front seat rails had plastic covers which were easily kicked off by back seat passengers several times
        2. one of the door lock mechanisms broke ~$300 in parts apparently to fix LOL,
        3. All wheel drive contributed to the excess fuel consumption ~14 l/100km as its a heavier steel construction and made the car slower to acceleration from a standstill
        4. The service team told me the gear shift points were changed to improve performance, what they did was make the gears change before the engine produced any meaningful power, great idea maybe the execution somewhat lacked
        5. gearbox made a loud clunk when the car was cold from startup in second or third gear. The servicing team couldnt find any issues

        that's all i could think of in 2 minutes, as I said first and last subaru

        yeh nah to subaru

        • +1

          What sort of Subaru did you have?

          1. Is pretty common in a lot of cars, but isn't great I guess.
          2. Yep fair enough.
          3. 14L/100km is astonishing for a 2.0L or 2.5L. I have an Outback and get between 7-9L/100km. I'd be curious about your driving style…
          4. Sounds like typical CVT stuff, that's just how they are.
          5. That's strange! Perhaps your model or model year was a bad one.

          I only comment because I have nothing bad to say about Subarus (except whyyyyy CVT?!?) having owned and driven lots, so this experience is surprising to me.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser220804: subaru make engines over 2.5l :)

            Any product that has limited competition will seldom put the consumer first, in this case, it's subaru and their limited dealers which are majority owned by the same company (in Vic at least)

            Anyway the poll says enough

            • +1

              @chk: I didn't think anyone bought the 3.6L haha. You should expect that sort of fuel economy from that engine.

              Honestly, I expect terrible customer service from all dealerships unless they are expecting some money from you. I wouldn't judge a car by its dealership!

              But yeah look I'm not saying the CX30 is better than the XV anyway haha.

    • why use subarus servicing just go to your local mechanic? it doesnt void the warrantry if they're registereed etc

  • +3

    Colleague of mine who always had Subarus bought an XV. Had so many issues. Ended up buying a CX5 and loves it. Much better car and reliability.

    • I am not surprised at all.
      XV is their"budget" model.

      • so? i would still expect it to work? a 18k toyotoa corolla works

  • Mazda cx30 is pretty small

  • +3

    Why not buy second hand and save on depreciation? Then upgrade again to something bigger when the kids are teens

  • +2

    Right! I'm shocked how much chat about getting new car bargains there are on OzBargain. Used or demo all the way.

    • +1

      If your going to get a new car EOFY is the time. Also cars are probably more competitively priced as alot of brand competition and model choice. Demo a good option for sure to get a new like car. Used say one still within warranty ok, to get the best deal as you already make a saving on the depreciation. For true OZBs IMO would just look at a used low km Toyota well serviced. Not everyone wants a used car that some other owner has trashed, smashed, or abused. I've done new, demo, used. Alot of factors come into it personally as to which way you go. Ie is there actually a demo in your spec and then is it in your budget.

  • +1

    With your budget, have a look at demo units from dealers, there are some good bargains to be had for CX5 if you have a roughly $40k budget.

  • If you want a third baby - Kia is worth a look

  • I've had a new XV-S for a few weeks and love it. It's the first Subaru I've owned and second SUV (if you can call the Honda HRV a SUV). The HRV was a lemon and it has turned me off Honda (which is a shame given their good reputation).

    I love driving the XV. I love the handling, safety features and technology in the vehicle. While others say it's gutless I have found it has plenty of power for me (but I am a very conservative driver). I realise I've not had it long, but it has impressed me greatly. I do consider it an expensive vehicle given the competition, but I don't regret choosing it for one second.

    • Man, Honda has pissed away their reputation in the last ten years. I had two early-mid 2000s Hondas and they were awesome. The new ones are garbage, taking the mistubishi approach but without they bargain prices.

    • My parents have always bought Subbies since their first. They love them. Although dad doesn't like the start stop feature on his Impreza. Lame idea for economy compliance.

  • Very happy with our 2017 CX-5 Akera. However, I understand the CX-30 top model and the XV both have at least one safety feature missing from the new CX-5 - a camera pointed at the driver that is supposed to scan the face for signs of fatigue or inattention and sound an alarm accordingly. I imagine Mazda will offer this eventually on the CX-5.

    • +2

      Sounds gimmicky to me. Does one really need a camera to scan you and tell you that your are fatigued? I would have thought a bit of common sense, taking a break every few hours of driving if on a long drive, sleeping well the previous night and most of all trusting your judgement!

  • XV owner here since 2013 and love it - wife really likes driving it too. We live inner city so similar to you wanted something that was an easy drive in ultra urban that we could also comfortably drive on the beach and light tracks as we tend to do a lot of camping and road trips.

    It's been a solid car - 7 years now no problems at all. Boot space is a touch small but it was fine until we got a big dog and had a child then a roof rack for the trips was a must. With your 2 kids I'd advise getting a roof rack asap. We're in the market for a bigger car now and planning on keeping the XV as a second car.

  • If you're after fuel efficiency, have you looked at Hybrid offerings by Toyota/Lexus? The micro cars should be in this range (UX for example).

  • Op I just bought a cx30 touring for 32900 plus on roads 20kms on clock and 10 months rego from Mazda artarmon. They still have a couple more I believe.

  • With around $35k - $38k, id rather pickup a 3 y.o. CX-9 With around 30k to 40k kms on the odometer.

    Turbo 2.5L engine and plenty of space for your family. 😊

    • CX9s are a little big but why not the CX5 in the 2.5l turbo ;) With less weight may give it a slight agility and performance advantage over the CX9, if thats the OP's interest.

      I don't really need a car or intend to buy one moving forward - the Kia Telluride's might change my view but its been confirmed it ain't coming to Australia

  • You know what. As you haven't test driven any of the cars on your shortlist, go and do that. It may be that neither satisfies your requirements and expectations. We test drove at least 11 cars if not more. Don't limit yourself to that list as others have already suggested some very good reasons why others maybe better for you given the info to date. If I were you I would try the RAV4. We had the 2010 version in manual believe it or not and my wife loved it. That was alot smaller than the current gen, but Toyota an OZB fav. Good luck.

  • My suggestion would be to see what sort of discount you can negotiate on price before committing to a purchase, tour around and talk to a few dealerships I guess. Car sales happens to be one of the few places where bartering can produce a sizable discount and with new car sales tanking the pressure for dealerships to pump up sales numbers is even more aggressive. Between dealers at Subaru and Mazda you may find that the actual sticker price vs discount wiggle room on their end may be significant enough to push an even 50/50 in a specific direction.

    • My suggestion would be to see what sort of discount you can negotiate on price before committing to a purchase

      Oh hell no… You'd get laughed out of the building if you tried negotiating before you decided on a car, and you'd just be wasting your time

  • I'm from Victoria, we have a 5 years old CX-5 AWD. I had looked forward to buying CX-30 at launch for fuel economy reasons, but you know what? We have not seen a single CX-30 on the roads. We don't understand why - does anyone know?

    Now we're considering Rav4 electric hybrid but apparently there is a ?6 months wait.

    As many others have suggested, you may wish to consider a CX-5.

    • From the looks of it they are tiny.

      I'm looking at the CX-5 Akera. How is Mazada leather though? Honda leather is atrocious or is all leather on jap cars crappy?

  • non of the above, get a Lamborghini huracan instead, i hear its a great investment

  • I would go with the Subaru for the AWD, assuming the CX-30 is FWD?
    I'm a little biased as I have an XV (older model manual) and its been very reliable.

  • When you do go for a test drive, try to negotiate at least an overnight or even longer if you can. We were given one of their cars, different model to the one you're looking at, for the weekend and was agreeably surprised at how well it drives.

  • +1

    Love all this talk of SUV's with 310 litres of boot space, what a joke, I really don't see the 'utility' in these vehicles. An Octavia hatchback has 568 litres (the wagon has more again of course). My Superb hatchback has 625 litres. $40k would get one near new and includes leather, heated seats, collision/lane/cross traffic blah blah blah. But even though its AWD, I guess it ain't an SUV, so there goes 98% of buyers.

    • Every person has their own requirements of what they need.
      May be people dont need over 500 litres of space.

      • +2

        Still must be annoying to spend 30k on a car with less boot space then a 17,000 Suzuki baleno

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