Green Slip - Quote almost doubled if you don't already have insurance

I was shopping around for CTP insurance just to find that CTP almost doubles if you don't have any insurance on your vehicle. Why would insurance affect CTP at all? Quote was about $480 vs $732. About $250 difference.


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    That's not double.


    I would assume the providers' algorithm, that determines anyones risk profile - shows that folks that don't have any other form of car insurance are significantly more likely to end up causing a claim against their CTP policies.

    That seems pretty plausible to me and is the only thing that makes sense IMHO.

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    so get a cover note with one insurer then sign with another, then cancel in 21 day cooling


    Are you using the government website to check prices?

    Seems like QBE is the only one that doesn't make you pay more for not having insurance.


    Thats because some CTP policies are priced against your NO CLAIM BONUS
    So no comprehensive policy equals NO No claim bonus is applied


    Op said: "Why would insurance affect CTP at all?"

    Hasn't for me for many a long year.
    Renewed my QBE CTP insurance last month for $372.50. Is that an ok price?

    Other insurance? You're kidding right?
    No thank you.