Solar Panels on.flat Roof - Any Weight Issues?

One aspect of solar PV has me concerned. Done some Googling but not finding the answer.

We have a flat roof, got some quotes and they use a frame and tilt the panels up to get more sun. That bit is OK.

Should I be concerned about the weight of the frame and panels on my flat roof?




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    Shouldn't be concerned unless your roof is thatched straw.

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    Should I be concerned about the weight of the frame and panels on my flat roof?

    If you can walk over your roof without falling through it, then it will hold your solar panels without issues.

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      Not sure I’d be keen to test using that method. If the roof isn’t strong enough, there’ll be no solar power and two broken ankles.

      • How about we use some common sense - if youre worried about your roof caving in under that weight of a person then you shouldnt be living under it.

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          Based on quite a few threads here (not necessarily this one) common sense isn’t very common.

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    One thing to ask the installer is the roof seal going to be penetrated (causing leaks down the track).

  • I’d be worried about fixing thru klip lok roof.

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      Oh god don't fix 'through', use the kliplok roof mounts that lock around the top of the sheet, zero holes.

  • Thanks everyone

  • Google your brand of panel. Most 330W panels are around 19kg each. to make 6kw is like 20 panels, 400kg for panels. Expect another few kg for each panel for the mount frames. You'll be looking at 500kg of panels including frames so you should not have a problem.

  • I had a 5kW PV system on my flat roof, no problems at all
    You can get up there & clean them panels more often ;)

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