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Up to 40% off Dog Treats @ Wag (Eg Medium Deer Antler $12.59, Was $20.99)


Our dogs love these antlers but at around $20 a pop, from Pet Barn and the like they're a bit pricey. They don't smell or make any mess so the dogs can have them inside when it's cold/wet outside. Lasts longer than most toys that I give them.

Good value on their mixed boxes, 3 treats for under $30.
Currently 20-40% off most of their stuff, with free shipping.

Some examples…
Medium Antler 40% off for $12.59
Medium Goat Horn 20% off $12.79
Medium Tough Love Pack 30% off $28

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  • Large goat horn on amazon $10 delivered with prime.


  • Which one is a good size for a French bulldog?

  • I got antlers for my dogs from this seller on eBay. Quality is better than Wag's stuff.

    If you buy multiple packs (2 or more), they provide bonuses including deer bone and trotter, which are long-lasting chews too.

    • Thanks for sharing! I normally get mine off Howz Ya Dog who is pretty competitive for bulk buys.

    • Could you please elaborate on what you like about the ebay seller's ones compared to Wag's?

      • The Wag's antlers that I got were quite dry and brittle. Possibly because it wasn't new stock, I'm not too sure. I got them from a Best Friends store. The ones from eBay feel fresher and denser. They last much longer too. My 30+ kg dogs have been chewing on small antlers (about 90g) for almost a month and the antlers still look like new.
        The quality comparison is probably a bit subjective but hope my explanation makes sense.

        • Thanks for the info. I'm buying for a friend (they don't like how loud bones are when they chew them at night) but I'll go with the ebay one and see how they like them

  • Is this sale over? Back to full price for me

    • It was a click frenzy deal but says extended to Sunday. The packs are back to full price but individual items are still discounted. Might be worth emailing them and see if they'll throw you a bone for the packs…

      • I just checked back now after seeing your comment, things are discounted again. When I checked this morning, even though the click frenzy banner was there nothing was on sale. They've fixed it now.

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