VW Golf GTI 2020 - what price should I be expecting?

Hi all,

Looking at buying the above car.

RRP is around $49k. I have a car to trade in for around $15k (private sell for $18-20k).

What sort of changeover price should I be expecting?


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    What sort of changeover price should I be expecting?

    I put my crystal ball out in the recycling last week.

    I purchased it to become a clairvoyant but I just couldn't see a future in it.

    You could also try basic maths…


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    Have you been offered $15k for your trade-in?

    • Yes from a different dealer.

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        From my experience, most dealers will either offer you a very similar trade-in OR will adjust the sale price / trade-in to be about the same change-over anyway.

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    Thanks mate, very informative.

    Was hoping to get some experiences from others who have maybe purchased or been looking recently, not a smartass comment.

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      You could try Whirlpool see if anyone bought anything recently and posted a price to compare.

      Agree too many clowns in the comments in ozb.

      • I've learnt my lesson haha

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          What a strange and unhelpful comment.

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    If you're after a manual you could consider the I30 N, Focus ST or 308 GTi (bit slower).

  • If you can get 18 or 20k PS for your car and think you can sell it yourself that is your best way. You get the doff from that 15k they were offering. Say you have to spend 2k on the car to get RW. Your still in front. Just can be a hassle finding a buyer.

    GG57 is right about trade in to price. So if you are going in with a trade in. Just ask for the driveaway price including your trade in. Do not use their financing and don't get the extra add on from the Accessories sales person.

  • 15% off RRP and don't buy any of the ming mole offers for accessories, finance or paint protection.

  • Could save 15k going for a 2017/2018 model?

    The GTI facelift will be out next year anyway…

  • My guess is $2k off.
    OP, what price are you currently at?