Medipure Hand Sanitizer 1 Litre for $10 at Kmart


Just went to my local Kmart today at Garden City QLD and found heaps of this in stock.

1 litre for $10.

Not sure but this might be nationwide.The alcohol content is 63% according to the website.Its the cheapest I've seen hand sanitizer in a long while.

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    Will stock up for when pubs reopen.

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    Germs nowadays are trained for 70% alcohol. 63% is too soft for them.

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      what type of training do they go through? I would like to sign up for this course.

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        Probably through Udemy courses.


          it's called bacterial growth resistance. Someday the superbug will become %100 resistance to anything we throw at it.

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            @godofpizza: Antimicrobial resistance is not a big issue in alcohol and is not really expected to develop over time due to the non-specific nature. Microbes adapt very quickly to break down (or pump out) small molecules but they can't really adapt well to their entire membrane being washed away with a solvent like alcohol. There are some exceptions (eg some hardy capsid viruses) but coronavirus is not one of them.

            You can change the locks on your door, but it wont stop a battering ram. Alcohol is the battering ram.


            @godofpizza: And then we finally will use live ammo against superbugs.

            A no more superbag, my friends.

            Loaded and ready :-)


          at least those bacterias are actually finishing their courses. I have been hoarding 100+ courses while actually only finished 2 in my entire life. I feel like a failure now…


        2 months premium subscription of SkillShare


        "How to drink your way through cirrhosis for viruses (or why 63% means good time ahead)"


      Nah the previous generation was much tougher. They had a far tougher life.


      You can get 500ml 75% ethanol for fairly cheap price at Hardly anybody does 75%, it's all the cheap low alcohol stuff. Plus they're doing 10% off store-wide atm. Only catch is it's Brisbane pickup only.

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    63% what’s the point

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    Those idiots at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reckon 60% alcohol is good enough.
    But then again those CDC (cov)idiots don’t recommend taking bleach or disinfectant either, I mean what would these clowns know? They don’t even recognise the expertise of their Comedian In Chief and glorious leader, Donald. I’ll say it again (con)idiots.

    CDC recommends consumers use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

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      I don't get it, was your comment supposed to be anti-CDC or what?

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        It was clearly meant to be comically sarcastic, but the author hasn't got the memo that sarcasm is now discouraged, because it's indistinguishable from serious debate in this day and age.

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        Don't fret my fellow resister. The orange buffoon will be imbleached once again by Mueller Time once again for causing Covid19. We all know it came from his racist arse and not from China. The xenonazis are on the wrong side of history.

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        No it was obviously a poor attempt at humour. I figured if people didn’t even get the sarcasm, the comedian in chief line would have given it away…obviously for at least 7 people/bots it wasn’t.

        Oh well it amused me.

        BTW is was also directed at those above who claimed you need 70+% alcohol to be effective against corona viruses…

        Clearly the humourless & ignorant are working hard this arvo/evening


          Amen brudda. Anyone who doesn't think like us are humourless, arrogant, dumb white rednecks and are likely Russian bots. My psychiatrist tells me I'm right.

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          Go post on American sites or something, then, if you want upvotes for this hackneyed, unoriginal, 'orange man bad' sarcasm… Not everything has to be about your political frustrations.

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            @xtremehell: Nothing about political frustrations.

            People were claiming above that you need 70% alcohol to be effective against sarscovid2, CDC says 60% is enough. Pretty simple.

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    This confirms it. We have officially beaten the coronavirus.

    Mission accomplished.


    Where is this product manufactured?


    Couldn't get Aldi deal. Maybe this will do …
    Although maybe I'll camp out for a good 500mL deal. 1L is overkill for me lol.

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    Bunnings have scotts hand sanitizer back in stock. 950 ml for around the $11 or $12 mark. No one is buying it, I have tonnes, just like TP. LOL

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      I think the panic has stopped so nobody is actually buying the hand sanitizer because nobody actually needs it. I see toilet paper in stock everywhere too.
      Glad things are coming back to normal.

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      Quite possibly the worst smelling sanitizer on the planet. Castor Oil + "fragrance" = liquid death.


    Bunnings still has 95% alcohol hand sanitizer at $3.97 for 1L.
    How is this a deal?


    Is this the first time hand sanitiser has been posted on ozbargain? Also, I've been in a coma for 3 months.

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    thought you need 70% minimum to be effective?


    In terms of concentration, it depends how it's made and what's in it apparently. According to Therapeutic Goods Australia (government) -
    Not all hand sanitisers are the same. The effectiveness of an alcohol-based hand sanitiser depends on the amount of alcohol in the formulation. Look for a formulation of at least 60% alcohol in these products.

    If you are buying a product that states it is using the World Health Organization (WHO) formula, it should have 80% ethanol or 75% isopropyl alcohol.

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    Waiting for Aqium in stock, it smells like vodka. Bought this brand before, but no alcohol smell at all.


    That's more expensive then petrol, ethenols cheaper then hand sanitizer.

    Actually ethenol can be easily made at home but the smell of fermentation looks like vomit. ☹️😭

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    Go to your local United and get E85 for $1/L. Cheaper and higher 85% alcohol.


    What are all those people going to do now with all the sanitiser they ordered and try to re-sell for ridiculous amounts?

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      Less than 2 months ago people were ordering ethanol product for $40/L in liquid form for delivery in 4 weeks time. How things change. I'm glad my local shops have mountains of masks and sanitizer to sell. It's a great sign that we've avoided a disaster.


    and to think people were buying hand sanitiser at $80/L or more just a few weeks ago.


    Bought some of this in a smaller pump pack for keeping in the car for $5, didn't see a one litre bottle. It's made in Turkey. Can confirm it smells OK, however isn't as nice as Dettol ones.


    How much bleach should i inject ?

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    I would check the label on the actual bottle (as opposed to the website) because it looks the same as someone in the office brought in from a Chemist (size, looks the same, made in Turkey).

    Products (pharma, food, therapeutic) need to show ingredients in order of volume – it is mandatory on the label guidelines and prosecutable if companies don’t do it, so everyone complies.

    The label on the one someone brought into our office had the first ingredient as water (aqua), and then alcohol.

    As the largest ingredient is water, the absolute largest % the alcohol can be is 49%, and was likely less on the one I saw.

    If you look at the labels on other hand sanitisers (any brand that is not water based) you will find that the primary ingredient is always alcohol, and often they will say the actual % as well.

    I've also found that the ones that are alcohol based tend to say "kills 99%", the one I saw said none of that.

    Any bottle that doesn't state the % on it (like the one brought into my office which looked like this) I would worry about.

    We refused to use it in our office and made sure we sourced sanitiser that stated the % on the bottle and also had the primary ingredient listed as alcohol, and was >70%.

    Just my 2 cents

    EDIT - can anyone post a photo of the back label that shows ingredients?


      SO MANY of the hand sanitisers I've seen for sale either don't state the ingredients (in which case it's probably household disinfectant), or do state them but don't say what % ethanol. Of those that do, not all of them are above 60%. 70% is better in that the amount of time taken to kill the virus is much shorter, and as it starts evaporating immediately off warm hands, this means one has to be a lot less careful. Best to read labels carefully.

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        I thought the point of lower alcohol percentage is so that the product doesn't evaporate too fast, so the alcohol can do its work on the virus membrane. Evaporating too fast meaning less contact time and less killing action.

        If waters the top ingredient, that's a bit dodgy. Either they don't understand how to structure ingredients lists in Australia, or there's really less alcohol than they state.

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      Hey, so I actually emailed Kmart asking for the actual percentage (if they had v/v, w/w) since it was weird that the ingredient list had aqua as the first ingredient. This was the response:

      "Thank you for getting in touch with us.

      Unfortunately, It has a product ingredient of Alcohol 62%, Water, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Fragrance, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice and Tocopheryl Acetate.

      If you need further enquiry don't hesitate to contact us."

      Does that mean they used 62% alcohol or if the sanitiser is 62% alcohol? Guess I'm shooting off another email, lol.

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    I just checked the KMart website and all this brand apears to have been removed from their website. If you've bought one of these I'd suggest looking at the label and then possibly having a conversation with KMart.

    Or at least don't assume it is predominantly alcohol based and use it accordingly

    Again just my 2 cents


    75% is what I go for.

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