Cadbury Dairy Milk or Fruit & Nut 350g $4.69 @ ALDI


Cadbury Dairy Milk or Fruit & Nut Block 350g $4.69.
$1.34 per 100 grams.

Before someone asks the Maggi Noodles 5 Pack Beef or Chicken is $3.49.

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    not much discount

    maggi 3.95 at woolie everyday

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    The Cadbury poop is $5 at Big W, so this is a 6.2% discount.

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    Worked for Cadbury,
    One of their categories is always on promo half price is the lowest they will do unless its getting discontinued (eg. Chipblock)

    Woolworths will always have a different promo week then Coles. Closer to EOFY and end of year better promos


    Cadbury blocks are $5 regular price at Coles. What a saving!


      So far nobody has found it cheaper than $1.34 per 100 grams. As pointed out above it's a 6.2% saving.
      I've seen worse deals than that posted on here all the time.

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        A worse deal than 31 cents off regular price? This might top the list for smallest bargain saved ever.

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          Wow are you still having a go at a 2 day old deal on a cheap grocery item that nobody is even looking at anymore!

          The 350g block is rarely on special, probably because it's already the cheapest way to buy Cadbury chocolate per 100g. If I've helped someone saved some money then that's what this is all about.

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