Best Way to Sell Blu-Ray Collection?

In two months I’ll be moving house, so I’m trying to get rid of some clutter.

I have a collection of approx 100 blu-rays, 75 of which I’d like to sell, and I’m unsure of the best way to go about that.

As far as online marketplaces go, I’m most familiar with eBay - but the thought of listing 75 items individually (including photos of each) seems daunting.

Is there a better way?


  • Gumtree. List them all in one ad, cross them off as you sell them.

  • You could just sell them as a job lot or series of them (10/25 a pack). Alternatively trade them in to a cash converter/pawn shop but expect almost nothing for them.

    Possibly donate to charity/hospital etc if you're not after the money specifically.

  • Best way to sell is either on the internet, or front page of a major newspaper.

  • Late night tv ad.

  • Add some free steak knives with them and they will fly off the shelves

  • I recently binned a huge DVD collection. Probably 200~300 DVDs I had collected over the years. It was impossible to even give those away. I had the whole lot as one job lot on Gumtree for $50 and all I got was “I’ll give you $10 for the lot…” Friends didn’t want them, family didn’t want them, library didn’t want them, thrift stores didn’t want them… so they got turned into landfill.

    Blue rays are current technology, so you might have a bit more luck selling those, but like others have said, expect nothing for them and try to offload them in lots. Group series or sequels together, or bulk by genre…

    • What a shame! Listings of free DVDs on our local Facebook community page and freecycle pages tend to be snapped up quickly. I got a number of Tarantino movies a few weekends ago.

      • Tried that, and all I got was tyre kickers that never turned up or wanted me to post them at my cost… I hate that I had to throw them away, but I tried for weeks to get rid of them and dumping was an absolute last resort. I am very environmentally conscious and it pains me that all that plastic just ended up as landfill.

  • I had about 300 DVDs and gave them all to a local charity shop. For what you'll get, not worth the time and effort of selling. But as others above have said, not all charity shops will take them these days. I have kept my blu-ray collection however, no idea how many of those I have, and rarely ever watch them, so someday I'll probably end up donating them as well. Don't think I've bought one in about 5 years…