Are You Working from Home? What Kind of Job Do You Do?

Are you doing 100% of the job you were doing in an office? How does your productivity compare to what it was? Could you work from home more or less permanently?



    I've been WFH since the 3rd week of March.
    I'm an engineer and for my latest assignment (since December 2019)is to reduce the backlog of work in our maintenance management system (and on the ground). We migrated the data from another CMMS 2 years ago and the data is FUBAR. I'm supposed to visit our operational sites and organise parts, equipment and documentation for corrective maintenance tasks and look for any "gotchas" for our techs.

    Since then I've been trying to get the techs to be my eyes but they are so used to being spoon fed, most are useless. So I've been leaving them to do all the easy jobs and working my way through our backlog database and tidying that up. What I've been doing is really helpful for a lot of people but it has a finite life if I can't visit site.

    As we transition away from lock-in I hope to visit site 1-2 times a week and WFH for the remainder. With good management I might never need to visit the office again.

    Productivity? I honestly don't know.

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    Corporate finance. I have been WFH since late March and largely doing the same job I was doing in the office. Productivity is at least the same, if not higher. As I save so much time on travel, I end up using some of that saving working more and also get some housework done.

    Depending on what head office intends to do, I would like at least 2-3 days WFH per week. I don't need to be in office all the time but IMO meetings need to be conducted in person. I sorely miss the human interaction. There are body language cues that are lost on Teams/Zoom meetings.


    I've been doing WFH since early March. My job involves drafting/reviewing drawings.

    It normally involves the odd site visit to check things, however these are on hold atm until back in the office as they don't want us using our personal vehicle (grey area if we have an accident etc).

    I couldn't WFH without NBN, even though my connection speed is only around 46mb it does the job - it couldn't be done with the ADSL we had prior as it wasn't fast enough.

    Being able to WFH is great. Saving a fortune given the car hasn't needed fuel yet, no parking fees, no traffic/weather or idiots to contend with. I get far more done at home vs the office due to less interruptions & pointless meetings.

    I would do it permanently if I could.


    My wife is 100% WFH since March
    She was 40% WFH prior to that
    Her job is email and phone/video call duties anyway
    Has always stated that she gets her work done better at home
    Works for a telco


    WFH 100% since mid March
    Working longer hours as I suspect many are
    About 90% of our business wfh now too

    Large majority of people want to get back to the offices at least a few days a week (not many want to continue WFH permanently) however now we know a return won’t be going back to what it was before that might change people’s perspectives

    Productivity has remained about the same or increased (self reported), working hours up (reported and detected) but on the whole people have found this shift to wfh quite positive with no travel time and reduced costs, seeing benefits to health and well-being etc

    Decided I needed nbn about 2 weeks in and haven’t looked back.
    Going to be interesting to see how much this changes property/office strategies. We were always encouraged to wfh part of the week as didn’t have enough desks for everyone (hotdesking) but I think everyone is missing f2f contact and the incidental type convos you lose wfh

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    WFH since late March (corporate IT stuff with crossovers). Absolutely loving it. Productivity has increased tenfold as I dont get distracted and never have to worry about being dragged into meetings for hurting someone's feelings/not saying thank you after borrowing their stapler. It's great. Just focus on nothing but work 9-5. I managed to clear my entire department's yearly backlog of work in 3 weeks.

    Similar story for most of the company. Managers are happy but at the same time frustrated since they've raising that decades of nice offices and massive leases was almost a waste of money.

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    WFH. Switching between from Netflix and wow.

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    WFH 100% since early March.
    Company is IT based and I am in the QA department. We have publications going out weekly and improvements/new projects scheduled for the next few months so still plenty to do. Productivity about the same across all departments and the bosses are in no hurry to open back up again. Possibly going to stay at home until July at this stage.
    Not having to worry about others not washing hands and grabbing communal biscuits (PBs we call them Penis Biscuits) cause some blokes use the cubicle for #1 and touch the brown button leaving without washing.
    I’ve also noticed less sore throats since the WFH, I put this down to bacteria in the AC and less brown contamination.


    Wfh since march, Web developer


    WFH for the past few months in finance

    Would definitely like to WFH for x days per week even after this is over. I miss the human interactions and notice meetings are not as effective online.

    Wins are that there are no commutes, public transport costs, coffee/lunch or having to microwave food. Sadly I've spent a fair amount on clothing including winter coats and RMs lol

    Best thing about telco background is having access to the best tech and discounts on devices and WFH set ups.


    WFH since late March, work for a university. All teaching done online for the time being and have been quite busy since after Easter. Never was allowed to WFH but there might be grounds for doing so once a week once things are back to normal.


    I'm a teacher. Working from home since end of March. Going back on Monday but still remote teaching some of my classes for two weeks. I've gotten some more stuff done at home because I've prepared videos and materials for students to get them to work through during lessons. Online lessons have poor attendance, so they're mainly optional for those who want to ask questions. This has allowed me to get some extra stuff prepared. I'd be working as much if not more than I always was, but it will pay off in more efficient methods of doing things as a result of this time practicing how to do it better.

    I will not have the opportunity to work from home in the future, but have worked for distance education as a casual teacher, and I know that staff there could sometimes do their work from home as it was still being done online. If this job doesn't continue, I might go down that path later on as I really liked working with them.


    WFH since early March, online finance company. I was already WFH every Monday so it wasn't really much of a change. Productivity has slowed a bit mainly because the amount of work has slowed and there's no longer a rush to get things done, but not I'm not slacking off.

    Desperately hoping that I can continue to do the majority of my work from home, with maybe one - two days per fortnight back in the office for meetings etc.

    I just can't see how going back to the office will work in the short term - everyone arriving / leaving at once with only three elevators for 12 floors will make social distancing rather difficult. If we're to go back to the city at all I think it will have to be a staggered return, or possibly different teams coming in on different days.


    I work in community campaigns and so my work does require collaboration from other colleagues, but I think we have survived fine without being in the office. I miss my colleagues and the social interaction more than anything else. Our whole building has shut, so all tenants are WFH.