Bargaining with a Real Estate Agent When Selling

Hi all,
I’m about to sell my first property and is currently shopping around for agents.
Aside from commission rates and marketing costs what other services can an agent provide that would be at a seller’s advantage when negotiating The selling contract?
For example when buying a new car you can get the dealer to throw in a free service or some car mats.
Thank you all in advance!



    Look at the marketing packages. There will be bare bones packages all the way up to newspaper ads, drone footage etc. See if you can get them to do the more expensive option.

    TBH, you're not that likely to get much. I'm not sure what the market is like right now due to the shutdown, but when we looked for an agent last, it was all pretty much "take it or leave it" from them.

    And don't forget, you get what you pay for. The cheapest agent, or the one who throws the most in, isn't necessarily the best. The best agent will have good clearance rates, at good prices - and you should be prepared to pay for that.

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    Honestly it depends on the area and the price your expecting - if it is a 500k house in a 500k area i'd advise you to get the cheapest option possible

    If it is a 2million dollar house in a 3million dollar area i would say go all out to try and get extra $$$ for your property

    Also know your area a bit of 'racism' is good in Real Estate - ie if the area is full of Aussies then get a white agent, Indians - get an Indian agent, Chinese etc- esp if they speak the language it can be a massive bonus when selling property…

    Then you hit psychology (and more racism/sexism) ie i wouldnt hire a female agent in a Muslim area they may not get the respect they deserve from a male head culture however in a 'white' area with the pretty girl might be the way to go etc

    For all those offended by my post 'fair enough' but in all honestly i dont care about being PC when it comes to 'my money' (you can be PC when it comes to yours) i want as much as i can get and im happy to tell it like it is

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    If local property sells well and it's in a sought after area, go for an auction (once covid restrictions ease).

    In any instance though, you should sell it yourself. That means signing up with a company that will charge you only a few hundred $, the biggest charges will come from listing on RE and Domain (sometimes domain costs next to nothing, depends on the state) and conveyancing. Organising a real estate auctioneer will be on you, and they cost about $500 for their short little stint on the day, whether it sells or not. You can sell the normal way too of course, set price or above a set figure etc.

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    One of our houses is on a very good street. Hubby made a timber post and I wrote a sign. Someone drove past and rang. And we sold the house!

    But currently seeking a Townhouse, got a Top Agent on the area. Got a $100 "Discount" and he throws in a Facebook Ad.

    The important thing is the Property needs to be sold. What is a few hundred dollars to a half-a-million dollar property!

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