iRacing Membership - 50% off New Memberships (One Year: USD $55 / A$84.50)


Iracing memberships are on sale, which doesn't happen often at all. 50% off all new memberships

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  • +3 votes

    Still too much considering you still have to buy more cars and tracks for it to be worthwhile :(

    • +2 votes

      Plenty of good racing to be had with the free cars and series.


      Agreed, ACC, Race room and others are far better value and perhaps better simulations although that's a thorny issue.

      If you have traffic you can use the referral system to buy content.

      • +1 vote

        Depends on what you're looking to race. For oval racing (dirt oval too), there isn't anything else at all that comes close. The last oval racing "sim" worth anything was NR2003, and that's very old now.

        For road content though, ACC and Raceroom aren't bad especially if you're into GT3/GTE, but the biggest issue outside of these few sims is online racing that isn't restricted to leagues or open lobbies with only a few people in them. Assetto Corsa, rFactor, etc don't have a well organized online system, and lots of people use iRacing for specific cars that aren't available in games like Raceroom.

        I agree that it's very expensive though, just unfortunately there aren't really many other alternatives.


        Im addicted to raceroom.