How Do You Deal with The Fraud Like This? Seller: ThatGadgetGuy, Magnet Wholesale

Sorry guys, I am afraid this is not sale related, but I am thinking will it be a fraud alert?

I have seen a promotion of Switch on Facebook and the link at that time appears to me as legit. I clicked on and followed the comments to see whether to buy or not. I have made communication with the seller ThatGadgetGuy, which store page has been brought down now. The first payment was by online, and they contacted me saying I will receive refund since the shopify won't allow the transaction. And, we made the deal finally by paying to their company account directly, and indeed I receive the refund the other day. So far so good.

Waiting for another several days, I sent an email to see if I can have the tracking number and the answer is they have issues about getting the tracking number, but I should receive the item two days later. But nothing happens. Then I sent another email, there is no response from ThatGadgetGuy at first, but the next day I receive an email from MagnetWholesale.

The email directly told me following:

We have a problem. We supply That gadget guy. They had an agreement with us that they would pay us a 10,000 dollar holding deposit before we started shipping. They didn’t do that. They did send us your money for switches though.
As a result we can’t ship for them. So we are sending you a cheque for the refund.
Is your order name and address the best to make it out to?
We have frozen their emails and 1300 number as they were sponsored by us.

I was frozen, like, gosh, what is going on here. This is not going right and I may never see my money or the switch coming. Particularly I have bought the video games and monitors. Everything is pretty bad at that moment and till now.

I am posting this is to solicit the advice and help from OZbargainers here. I have been down the sea of ozbargain for nearly four years, nothing disappointed me here though some comments may be aggressive but overall I am a fan of this platform.

The original Facebook promotion

And I think I am not the only one. So please be alert before you make the decision to buy from some small places.

If possible, please comments what action should I take on this case. Thanks a lot.

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    Sorry I am still not settled to say if this is fraud or not. However, money or the so-said-to-return-to-me-checque or the switch is on the air for two weeks. I am hopeless now. Yes, they said the only way to refund me by magnet wholesale is to mail me a cheque. What a bizarre!

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    Did you send thegadgetguy money via bank transfer? You've definitely been scammed. Thatgadgetguy only had a shopify site which is now gone, the ABN was only registered a month ago and they're not registered for GST.

    Magnet wholesale claims to have been in business since 2017 but their oldest facebook post ever was only made a week ago

    If they do send you a cheque if will probably also be a scam. Be very careful if they send you a cheque for more than you paid, they'll ask you to send them the difference and then the cheque will bounce leaving you out of pocket.

    The phone number on the googlecache site for thatgadgetguy and magnetwholesale are the same, it's almost certainly the same person.

    If they still have some of your money, contact your bank and the police but it's probably long gone.

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    At first I thought it was The Gadget Guy with his Hawaiian shirt.


    The last transaction with them was by bank transfer. Will fairtrading be helpful at this moment?


      If it's fraudulent, fair trading won't be able to do anything. The company just closes and reopens under a different name.


    Thank you all guys.

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    I have seen a promotion of Switch on Facebook and the link at that time appears to me as legit.

    Do yourself a favour and don't buy anything from Facebook (except for market place where you pay cash in hand). Seems like all the scam stories lately are due to people falling for bogus Facebook promos/stores.


    check the name Jason Stevens from [email protected]
    And the name Robert Clark from [email protected]


    Indeed, I got a receipt from ThatGadgetGuy and have the location of the magnetWholesale.
    These are the details:

    ThatGadgetGuy: Robert Clark
    Managing Director
    That Gadget Guy Pty LTD.
    [email protected]
    1300 284 228
    202 - 208 City Walk
    Canberra , ACT 2601
    ABN: 73 640 500 287
    IMB Bank: BSB: 641-800, Account Number: 2008 726 87

    The MagnetWholesale: Magnet Wholesale Australia
    Mail: [email protected]
    112 Collins Street Melbourne
    Victoria, Australia 3001

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