Suggested First Jobs for Students Aged 16-17

Hey, I've been looking for a job and haven't had much luck doing so, I was just wondering if anyone has some good suggestions and or advice in doing so.
Anything is greatly appreciated


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    Woolworths mcdonalds and the like

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    Get yourself a used mower or your parents and start mowing neighbours front nature's trips and lawns. Edge and clean up. Or same as Timblakely suggestions. Food delivery on your push bike.

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    My first job was Pizza Hut waitress. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

    My recommendation for getting a first job is putting yourself in front of people. Hand over resumes in person. Even if your resume if empty, still make one. Outline your studies instead, as well as interests, hobbies, sports, and ask a teacher/coach/professional family friend as as reference (advocate). Dress smart casual, try to look as best you can grooming wise.

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    You've probably left it a bit too late for Maccas if you are 16 going on 17 - they generally perfer to hire at 14ys 9 months. However, still try for there if you can because their customer service training is recognised by others who employ young people to be of an extremely high standard, and if/when you move on from there, you will already be in a more employable situation.

    The current economic climate is likely to make your job hunt more difficult. Although regular employers such as supermarkets etc are putting on new hires, they are often in nightfill and back end roles which will be difficult for you if you are still at school. It is stil worth applying though.

    Having said that, focus on developing your confidence, resourcefulness, reliability etc - the "soft skills" - so that you do stand out from the many others who are also in the same market when you eventually get to interview stage.


      You've probably left it a bit too late for Maccas if you are 16 going on 17

      If you live in Melbourne you probably have a very good chance at getting a job at maccas at the moment!

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    red rooster, kfc, hungry jacks. I did see a sign at kfc

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    OP I really recommend supermarkets. If they really apply themselves they can become store managers within 3 or 4 years and then after 5 years or so of doing that move into some pretty interesting head office jobs. Supermarkets tend to look after ambitious hardworking people. You might have to move around a bit when you are younger to get the opportunities, but it can pay off pretty quickly. You also have to ability to take a step back and do an easier role while you go through uni if you like, and pick up afterwards if it still appeals to you. Plus if you ever want to go away and come back to supermarkets professionally you can. If COVID-19 has proved anything, supermarkets are one of the safest professions to work in job security wise.

    I know a few "lifers" at the supermarkets that started when they were in year 11/12. They are all pretty high up now, very happy professionally and goes without saying are very well off. I wish when I was younger that my parents had encouraged me into those types of jobs. Also the social aspect of those jobs when you are young is pretty great also, lots of people around the same age working there, just avoid the negative nellies!


      Yep, supermarkets have great career opportunities moving forward in your life. You might not know it now, but there may be a career that you love in it. Key advantages of supermarkets are:

      They are everywhere, so if you do Uni in some other city you can apply for a transfer to help get you settled in a new town.
      They are super stable jobs (if you work hard).
      Have great career opportunities that can extend into your later life (a store manager position or even corporate (think MBA…. the sky's the limit).
      They have a large group of people working at them so you're bound to find a friend there.

      Good luck!

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    Aldi, or Costco I’ve heard are very good to work for


    No need to echo what everyone's said already so just some other random tips:
    Don't fuss too much about your resume, what I found when I was younger was that if you're handing them in person, being friendly and presentable, that's all that really matters. Employers are hiring you cause you're cheap, as long as you can show that you're not a complete stuff up you'll be fine.

    If you do any sports, it's suuuperr easy to get a job at your local club/gym/whatever facility, especially if you've been with the community for a while, since there's way less competition. Health/sports industry has AWESOME pay as well. Things like teaching kids (swimming/tennis/footy/whatever coach), working the counter at a pro shop, etc. Bonus cause it's more engaging and you don't walk home smelling like a burger ;)

    Looking for seasonal openings are good. Applying for Christmas casual positions around October/November is a common way to get your foot in the door, although given COVID who knows how it'll be this year.

    But yeah as others said, anything food or hospitality or supermarkets are the easiest. Quite boring though frankly, highly recommend finding something interesting after a year or so of experience, look to work somewhere niche/fun while you don't have to bother about careers. Friend of mine got into an axe-throwing place after his first job :)


      Applying for Christmas casual positions around October/November

      I would apply earlier than than, around September


    If you want minimal social interaction and just brain dead work go for nightfill at coles/woolworthes. They take almost anyone.

    If you're desperate for a job go for the fast food industry, maccas, kfc, gyg. Go for big companies where they won't underpay you, work will be tough though.

    If you're smart enough you can do tutoring which can be really really good money with less hours.

    Other than that, if you have interests search for a job in that field as you have experience and knowledge of w/e it is.

    My best job when I was in HS/Uni was working at the telcos, optus/telstra/vodafone but you'll have to be over 18 to have authority to do contracts.


    Local butcher if you are desperate, but you will be underpaid. Supermarkets are very competitive, I suggest getting a RSA so you can work at a club/pub straight away when 18


    coffee is big business, a barista is a short course with many jobs, everything from donut king to gloria jeans


    subway, boost juice, chai tea