Rotating Energy Providers Cashback Experience

Asked this as a comment in another post but might not be getting enough views. Does anyone know what counts towards a "new user" for cashback from energy companies? They don't often say if there is a waiting period. e.g if I am with XYZ energy for 6 months then move to another for 4 then back to XYZ, am I still a new customer? I presume yes once cashback pays out. Anyone have experience?



    Which provider are you looking at specifically? Can you link to their t&cs?

    I vaguely remember the t&cs of the ones I've done it with have a 12 month new customer clause (Red Energy, econnex)

    If it's cashback through Cashrewards and you can't find the info on the page then send them a message. They're good at responding quickly.


    Energy Australia
    Alinta energy

    Above listed require you have not been a customer for a minimum of 12 months to qualify for new customer deals
    These the only ones i know about, but seems to be across the board a 12m requirement to qualify for new customer offers, cashbacks etc


    If I choose I don't see anything about 12m. mentions 75 days for cashback. so i'm unsure what happens if you were to move on and come back?

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