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2 x REMAX 1M Laser Data Charging Cable USB-A to Type-C/Lightning $9.90 Delivered @ HTL eBay


“Note: Buy 1 Get 1 free:Add 2 to cart"
“My device my life” - Remax landing in AUS!
We are now launching the items:one is the laser cable which just like anaconda's eyes only for USB-A To Type C or Lightning. The price is high cost performance. Means:“ 2 cables,only $9.9 ”.
We hope you will be satisfied shopping with us!
Enriching Pty Ltd
HTL—-human technology lifestyle

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  • Has anyone had any experience using these?

  • Might get these for my apple guests.

    On a side note, can anyone explain to an apple novice why I have a few lightning cables, 2 outright don't work, 1 used to work but now no longer works and it's all frustratingly intermittent? Not sure what model iphone but shouldn't a lightning cable be a lightning cable? Or are they different across the models?

    The only issue I usually experience with android is that sometimes not getting "fast" charging if the connector is dodgy or not inserted properly. But it still charges! The apple ones just outright don't work.

    • Lightning cables can be from not compatible to dreadful, I have had so many fail. However so far not one micro usb or usb c has died on me.

    • Lightning cables have specific chips in them that cheap cables don't or try to emulate poorly. The cheap ones also have less protection circuitry so I wouldn't trust a cheap cable with $1,000+ devices.

      Only purchase cables that are MFi certified and those are guaranteed to work. Honestly, stick to Anker cables, just a couple of dollars more but peace of mind in terms of quality and longevity.


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        To me MFi is about profit rather than protecting phones against poorly made cables. I have used android phones with both micro USB and USB-C cable. Some cables were cheapie ones which were probably slow to charge, but I have never experienced or heard damage to the device from poorly made cables.

        • Possibly. It's not just a paper license fee for money's sake though. Apple physically ships third party manufacturers the connector with chip and circuitry for $2.88 a piece to certify MFi quality.

          Controllers and chips inside other USB cables can also cause problems and cause excessive power draw, short circuit, degrade batteries quicker or worse fry them/set on fire. It does happen quite a bit. The cable itself isn't the issue, it's the quality of connectors.

          There's plenty arguments for and against cheap cables online. Frankly, not worth it, grab an Anker cable and sorted. Their braided ones are even better and last years.

  • @REMAX associate / OP - One of the pics show Rose Gold colour lightning cable. Will that be be in stock soon?

  • Are these MFi certified?

    • Hi

      This product does not have MFI certified~ We do have other products that has it~

      Enriching Pty Ltd
      HTL—-human technology lifestyle

  • what does MFI do? Is that why some cables work with apple and some dont?

  • Purchased 3 Apple cables last time they had a similar deal, so far 1 cable has died (since been replaced) and another just the other day, but I didn't bother messaging them this time round. Pretty good for charging with a short life span.

    • Hi!

      We are sorry for what happened~ do you mind letting us know the order detail? The product has a one year warranty~ We want everyone to be satisfied shopping with us! We want to offer the best service in our ability~

      Thank you!
      Enriching Pty Ltd
      HTL—-human technology lifestyle

  • Would these work fine with iphones or does the ios block them?

  • Can the Type-C cable read Dex for Samsung phones?

  • Is the promotion still on ebay? I don't see any discount at checkout