Inactive iTunes Card $100, Loss Receipt. What to Do

I had bought a $100 itunes card sometimes in the last 6-7months (it was 15-20% off)
I tried to activate it today only to find that i had probably not got that 'activated' from the store.
What can i do now ?
I don't have the receipt anymore.

I have another 2x$30 that i had bought in the last 2-3 months i am afraid to scratch them off, just incase i had forgotten to activate them as well !!!

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  • Did you pay card? If you can find the transaction through your bank and the retailer is able to lookup your receipt by card, you might have a chance. Otherwise not going to happen

    • No chance I reckon.

      Even if you can prove you bought a card at some point in the past, how can you prove that it was that card ie that you haven't already activated the card listed in your transactions.

  • What does the error notice say when you try to add the card to your iTunes account?
    The cards are automatically activated when you purchase them. I don’t understand what you mean by "forgotten to activate", did you forget to pay for them?

    • Having worked on a register myself, I have seen cards fail to activate properly. This has happened after the customer has walked away with the card. Hopefully this helps you to understand how sometimes a card hasn't activated.

      • I don't think it has worked like this for a long time. The last 20 cards I have bought, activation is part of the payment process - it can't print a receipt until it activates.

  • I’d email the company. You never know they might add it onto your account anyway. I always upload them as soon as I get them so I don’t forgot or loose it.

  • Did you do a self checkout? That gets folks all the time.