Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat Stopped Working

My Smartmi smart toilet seat suddenly stopped working today. The red light below the 2 buttons turned on but no lights at all on the control panel and none of the buttons work.

Can anyone please help me figure out what's wrong with it? Also trying to look for the English manual but the link posted in previous deals no longer works.


  • Probably part of the stoush we having going with Beijing at the moment. First, it was beef and barley exports, now'll they will really teach us by shutting down our Xiaomi smart toilet seats!

    Lucky toilet paper is back in stock!

  • Oh $#!t….

  • Have you owned it for around 18 months? This seems to be the common break down period.

  • Yes, mine stopped working after about 18 months (I checked the date of purchase). The spray function doesn't consistently have pressure. Now the only way it works (not always perfect) but is to switch it on and off everytime. It is not a major hassle because the powerpoint is close by, but it is disappointing all the same.

    • Exactly the same here, also roughly in the 18 months range. What often works is alternating between the two spray buttons (the one which sprays more forward and the one a bit further back) - after cycling 1-3 times one of them normally has enough pressure.

      But still quite disappointing that it breaks so early and will be looking to replace it with a different brand next time around.

      • yes, I did notice the other spray worked, but I thought that one was ladies… so I was unsure of the consequences! lol

  • Around 17 months for mine. Time to look for replacement I guess.

  • So I ended up replacing mine with this one from Bunnings for $399. Was not keen on the Xiaomi Whale Spout after what happened to this one.

    Size wise it's pretty similar to the Xiaomi without the side panel and at least I can deal with Bunnings if I need to claim warranty.

    • Hey Mucchan. My Smartmi also died at the 18 month point and I am looking at the Bunnings option.

      How do you find the D'lucci? How does the water pressure compare to the Smartmi? I found even on high, it was too low for my preference.



      • The water pressure is fine for me. I think it's slightly stronger than the Smartmi.

        Wife complains that there's no option to keep the light on with the D'lucci. Other than that everything else is as good / better than the Smartmi in our opinion.

        • to keep the light on, simply cover the light sensor (with tape, etc) at left hand side (next to the seat release button)

  • How weird mine just died as well, similar period. I'm gonna message Gearbite because thats just silly if they only last that long.

    • Mine also just stopped working. Bunnings one is also sold out near me so I ended up ordering one online

      • Planned obsolescence? Weird that they all died at around 18m, (mine is completely dead, no lights at all)

  • Mine also is playing up now, water pressure issue. Anyway to fix this by opening it up and replacing a faulty part?

  • Yes, mine too at 20 months!
    It worked great for 20 months, but now seems a bit confused.
    Selecting bum wash, it gives you a cold blast, a warm fanny wash, then another cold blast.
    Fanny wash gives you a bum wash, but sometimes it all works OK
    It is something to do with the 3 way valve that selects either of bum wash, fanny wash, or nozzle clean.
    It is driven by a small stepper motor. The valve also has tapered slots so depending on the rotary position of the valve, the pressure can be adjusted from a gentle wash to almost an enema.
    Taking the valve apart, it seems to have a small plastic tab to stop it spinning all the way around which was broken off in mine.
    So it seems the stepper is losing its reference and not selecting the correct position.
    I can't work out how it references the stepper, unless it relies on the motor stalling at the end tab, which won't work now because the tab is torn off.
    Anyway, I can't fix the tab, and need a new valve but am unable to find anywhere to buy one.
    The only help I could find was this Utube video https://youtu.be/rNXm95uXkS4?t=9
    These Chinese products are not supported, and seem to have built in obsolescence, like Japanese ones 40 years ago.
    So, I suggest you don't buy one until Xiaomi set up a spare parts network so they can be fixed.
    At $300 to $400 to buy, they are not a throwaway product and breaking at less than 2 years is not acceptable.

    • Were you able to for back the broken part like what the guy did in that YouTube video?

      Mine just started playing up about a week ago too after purchasing back in August 2018.

      Same symptoms as what you describe.

      How hard is it to pull everything apart?

      I found that if I dial the pressure down to the lowest it seems to spray instead of just leaking out

      • I have had the same problem, unit is 20 months old.

        I actually contacted the guy in the Youtube video above. He was most helpful and a top bloke. I managed to pull apart the unit and located the valve. I could not find any broken tabs in the valve mentioned in some of the posts above, or any "broken teeth" in the valve as referred to in the Youtube video. I suspect my model is different to the one in the Youtube video…

        What I DID find was that there appears to have been some water damage to the stepper motor and the rotor looked clogged up. I cleaned the motor rotor with some RP7 and I assembled it back tonight and the unit is now working fine….

        I will report back in a few days to see if the problem was caused by the stepper motor getting stuck. FYI, the stepper motor is a 24BYJ48 12V DC, less than $10 and easily available. I've got photos of where the problem bits are located - I don't know how to post photos here so PM me if you like.

        In case anyone is interested and need to replace the seat, Bunnings now stock a seat with a wireless remote AND features an air dryer for $318, which is pretty good value. Its called "evekare Smart Bidet Toilet Seat with Wireless Remote Control". Obvious bonus is that warranty returns are much easier with Bunnings than getting any response from Xiaomi…

        • OK quick update - fix looks like to be temporary only and gone back to usual tricks. The fact that it went back to working fine for a day - weird.

          Also, the Bunnings unit has gone up to $399 overnight…..

  • So my unit seems to be working ok now. Perhaps the problem is intermittent?

    Initially I thought the filter was blocked (never replaced it) so I decided to clean that out.
    There was only some sediment in the filter but not much. I flushed it out with vinegar and bleach and water (don't mix them together else you end up with chlorine gas I think).
    Power cycled, triggered the wash a few times and not it seems ok.

    Many thanks to Froogal for sending the photos.
    Will report back if the problem resurfaces and I need to pull things apart to fix

  • My toilet seat stopped working as well after 18 months. The spray position light kept flashing and the unit kept beeping. Opened it up, and found a damaged component in the three way valve. A tiny plastic nob (about 2 mm) sheered off the valve.

    Thanks edrift and Froogal for the photo.

    Tried to glue it back on, didn't work. So next step is to get it 3D printed. Taking measurements was an absolute pain. If 3-D printing works, I'll post a step by step repair guide. Seems like a very common problem, and will be a pretty simple fix if we can get the right replacement part. Will be a shame for us to throw out an entire unit because of a tiny 2mm piece of plastic.

  • Hi Pedroz, keen to know how you go with printing that part. I found the part with the notch missing but couldn’t find the broken bit anywhere…

    • G'day Froogal

      I found the broken plastic part sitting just underneath the motor shaft. It was resting next to another small notch in the housing, and did not look like a broken piece of plastic until I touched it with some tweezers.

      Regarding the 3D prinitng, I took measurements on Sunday and asked a mate to put together a CAD model earlier this week, but realised that some of the measurements I had were off. So I purchased a new set of vernier calipers, and re-measured.


      I also emailed the 3D printing company this morning to ask if they can print the notch onto the old valve. I also asked how accurate the 3D print of the entire valve would be given how small some of the measurements are. Am waiting to hear back from them. Will let you know how I go.

      • Wow, looks like some tight tolerances.

        Making the whole new part might take a few goes I'd say.

        I have a 3d printing pen and when I get around to pulling my seat apart I would try just printing new plastic on to the old piece (assuming the same problem).

        But currently I have been types of filament (PCL and pla) so I'm not sure which would bond the best.

        I have had good success in plastic welding ABS before, but this piece looks too small to do that

        • I've put together a couple of models in Tinkercad, and have asked a company with some serious 3D printing gear to print off a couple of samples in different materials. First print will be done in resin based on the recommendation of the company. Given the way the valve works (the notch on the valve hits another notch in the motor shaft housing) it seemed printing the notch on to the old part would be a short term fix. Even if an entire re-print may only last another 18 months.

          Hoping to pick up the printed part on Friday. Will keep you all posted on how it goes.

      • That is some very impressive work! Keen to know how you go.

  • Printed a couple of replacement valves, got the seat sort of working after sanding away the part to make it fit. Unfortunately the the spray position light started flashing, and the seat stopped working. I tried replacing the broken valve with a valve from a working toilet seat, it didn't solve the spray position error.

    • Does seat heating still work? I may need only that for winter.

      • Once the spray position light starts flashing all the buttons become unresponsive. The seat stays heated, but I cannot adjust the heat setting. If the seat light is on, I can't turn it off.

        • Thank you, the board may has some problem. I've just bought this toilet and now a bit worry.

          • @ndoan: I just ran a test with the water tap turned off, no problems. All buttons work. When I turned the tap on, the spray position error came up, and water started leaking out of the housing. So looks like I had two problems, broken valve + water leak.

            • @Pedroz: Pedroz, Perhaps try rotate the valve 180 degrees before putting the stepper motor on. Also make sure the o-ring is seated properly on the valve. I made that mistake and water leaked everywhere.