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50% off Cancer Council Sunglasses @ David Jones (Kids $9.97, Adult Fr $19.97 Inc Polarised) Spend $50 Shipped


50% off Cancer Council Sunglasses at David Jones (Kids $9.97,Adult Fr $19.97 Inc Polarised sunglasses) while stocks last.
Click and collect maybe available from selected stores.


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David Jones

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  • How long does the sale last?

    • It only just started; I'd say up until late June, perhaps the 21st

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    No stock for CC?

  • I don't see any for sale except 1-2 kids

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    Copied from the site:

    Not available in conjunction with any other offer. While stocks last. Offer available until 28/06/2020.

  • Is that in-store offer as well ?

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    Loved the Bondi which I owned before. Went and bought for myself and kids to get it delivered

    • Tried the different Bondi as it's often recommended in these sales.

      A bit big for my face & the plastic frames don't adjust for a slightly wonky nose. Upgraded to $49.95 metal frame ones that have adjustment costing $22.47 after 10% member discount.

  • Email received yesterday:
    Exclusive Member Offer
    Save an additional 10% on a range of already reduced fashion, shoes and accessories.^
    To receive the additional 10% discount, scan your Membership Barcode instore or login to your online account.

    • Doesn't work for me for some reason :( Anyone got the 10% working?

      • Because it's not reduced because of seasons. It's a blanket reduction like 30% off Le Creuset.

        Source: ex-staff

        • Thank you! Just weird though because when I browse DJ, has a giant banner asking me to login to access 10% off but nothing appears in the cart, and it's hard to see what exclusions apply. CS said Cancer Council sunglasses should work but doesn't work for me at all :/

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            @Slutty Bianca: If Customer Service said it would work, then I would screenshot that, order it, then complain and said you didn't get 10% off and you were told it would, then they'd give you 10% of the price back.

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              @kerfuffle: Thank you so much! :D I did that and they told me they'll do the refund after.

        • 10% off Worked in store.

          • @Rather be Travelling: I tried with customer service using online chat and they said it doesn't apply to sunglasses. I see it works in store, but it's too far for me to travel there. Can't really complain as the price is good with the 50% off.

            • @wombat1955: Lucky I'm 15 minutes away from 2 DJs with stock. Wasn't going to pay $10 delivery because system won't allow c&c.

              I'd rather try on sunglasses & was picking up a $5 Happysocks order.

              Staff can often override system, whereas online can't. Was a nice extra saving.

            • @wombat1955: [UPDATE]
              10% discount only applies to some red tagged REDUCED items.

              This was a special Offer - Not available in conjunction with any other offer.

              So no 10% extra discount on sunglasses!

              I was just lucky.

    • Worth a try - am in store later.

    • 10% off applied in store by scanning member number in email

      Bought 2 x metal framed $49.95ea cost $44.94 for 2

      • [UPDATE]
        No 10% extra discount on sunglasses!

        Discount only applies to some red tagged REDUCED items.

        This was a special Offer - Not available in conjunction with any other offer.

        The store is about to be renovated, so staff are more likely to discount. I got lucky, with $5 removed by staff member.

        Next store I tried (to check their different stock) - recently opened after renovation. Team leader said "No 10% discount on sunglasses"!

        But I was again lucky. Bought a much better constructed "$59.95 Cancer Council branded pair". At counter they realised it was a Le Specs brand, but sold it to me for $29.97. Even put it in Le Specs brand pouch. Checked another on shelf - original price $89.99! (Reduced by 30% in sale.)

  • Cheers, just stocked up on my regular set!

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    Any size guide for sunglasses? Too lazy to try them on instore

  • Yesss!
    I was duck taping my cancer council ones (I sat on them) waiting for this deal.


  • Thanks OP! Time to add to my small collection of CC sunnies. Eyeing the adare ones.

  • Cheers, got 2 x pairs for $40. Nice.

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    Why is the david jones website so difficult to use? I don't want to see an item in the search results if it's out of stock or only available for click and collect in another state …

  • i got raybans from the last deal, the quality is as expected (cant fault it) so 110 is what i paid for that,
    i just picked up 3 of these for 75 dollars, i wanted some beaters for car/hiking.. so ill keep the raybans for when going out. ill compare the quality when the cancer councils get delivered. ill compare the quality and ill report back here.

    • Good idea.
      Tried on many of these yesterday - light & very plastic. But good price. Many swear by them in these Deals.
      (60 day return policy)

        • Tried on those 3. Already have wrap arounds for driving.

          Bought the first one - Atherton in black. The metal frames allow adjustment to fit nose.
          More fashion sunnies - unlikely to stand much abuse, like being sat on. It looked better in the store / online than wearing. May return.

          Good price - hope you enjoy them.

          • +1

            @Rather be Travelling: 2 of the 3 arrived today, comparing them to my raybans, obviously the raybans have better quality, i feel like the hinges specially are spoton smooth craftmanship in the raybans. but the CC are pretty damn good too just not as clean as premium as the rays, i say if you are looking for bang for buck and something that actually works go for these, granted i would not pay 50 for them buy i think they are a great buy at 25. the raybans obviously not a bang for buck, very overpriced. but its more of a fashion statement for those. these will be my beaters.

  • Amazing deal. Got 5 pairs for $100.

  • Thanks OP, 3 pairs for $75. Free shipping. Tops.

  • Anyone know how heavy these sunnies are? And whether they fit the "Asian face" (higher cheekbones + no high Caucasian nose bridge)

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      Not heavy, but not cheaply made either? A good allrounder from a quality perspective.

      • +1

        Just got mine today. Exactly as described^ Also fits Asian face because it's so light :)

        • I got my three pairs yesterday. First time introducing the girlfriend to them and she was impressed. Not really sure why you'd bother with anything else. These are my go to.

          Glad to hear you like yours!

        • @BiryaniBoi Which style did you get?

          • @YadaYadaYada: "Bright" and "Atherton". Was suspecting the Atherton's to fit me better due adjustable metal frames but Bright surprisingly fits incredibly well. It's my go to driving sunnies now.

  • My sunglasses arrived, but they still had the security tag on one!
    Not happy :(

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