Suggestions for a Laptop for Video Editing & Live Streaming - Budget $1500

Hi all,

I'm looking for a new laptop which I'll be using for video editing & live streaming. It's been a while since I bought a laptop so I'm not up to date on specs & what's available, so would really appreciate some suggestions!

My budget is around $1500-ish (unrealistic?). At least 2USB ports (preferably 3), RJ45/cat5/6 port would be nice, as would be an SD card reader. 512gb ssd, 16gb ram with the ability to add more later..



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    Go with a desktop if possible. Far more power for the same price and if you want to capture video you can use PCIe devices rather than USB which is preferable.

    If you do use a laptop you'll want to avoid anything not made for sustained performance (most devices in other words).


    Yes desktop for sure.

    Ryzen 7 would be a very nice choice, even the older 1700 model should be powerful enough with its multiple cores ($300-500?)

    Compatible motherboard, probably a b450 eg msi tomahawk or asus? ($200?)

    32gb+ ram ($400 cheapest for b-die if you want to overclock it).

    80 plus gold or platinum psu eg corsair rmx or seasonic sgx or px (most likely at least $220?).

    Nvme m.2 or 2.5" sata ssd ($150-200?)

    Sound card, gpu, wifi card, etc.

    Au.pcpartpicker or guru3d websites are good to get some current ideas, as well as userbenchmark.

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      Nothing to add but your comment made me chuckle. I guess you assumed OPie is not wise enough to know what he wants/needs and forgot that he could get a way faster desktop computer.

      OP: "Suggestions for LAPTOP"

      Reply: "Here's a long list of PC parts to build your own desktop computer"

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        Fair enough. Just don't forget that those who have knowledge about desktop computers are able to apply/accommodate/generalise that knowledge to laptops.

        Also, an evaluative (vs. descriptive) use of the value-laden word "wise" (denoting wisdom or the Aristotelian moral virtue of prudence that governs all virtues) could be better replaced with a more descriptive word such as "insightful," "familiar with," or "knowledgeable"—this would describe events better especially in a forum dominated by the written word. So, stating "not wise enough" is a value judgement and might be unhelpful/distracting.

        I do take your consideration: I ignored the topic of laptops and assumed—not OP's lack of self-knowledge or wisdom but rather—that the video editing tasks and live streaming would (and could) take place at a fixed desk much like a work station. No hard feelings mate. Thanks for steering the discussion back to the point: laptops!


          Haha appreciate all your input. I am well aware that desktops are generally better for the task at hand, however I would actually like to be able to stream from anywhere - on the road, both office & home - hence a laptop will be required. Lugging around a desktop isn't exactly my idea of fun! :)


    does shopback/cashback work on ms website?

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