Please Help Me Decide - What to Do with My 2004 Hyundai Accent?

I have a Hyundai Accent 2004 model which has 125,000 kms on it. I got it for free from my brother in 2017 when it had 75000 kms on it.

Has been in a minor crash resulting in a slightly off front engine cover and hole in bumper

At that time of buying costs:
1. I paid $500 for repairs for roadworthiness and
2. $2000 for initial rego ( number plates were taken away by the cops lol).

Up until now costs:
1. Servicing in last 3 years - approx $1000
2. A/C switch repair - $300
3. Major Belt service -$700 at 80k
4. Battery (twice)- $150 + $180 = 330
5. Other misc - $200 (wipers + blah blahs )

I recently went to the garage for servicing and the mechanic is saying to replace the 2 shocks and 1 Drive shaft due to damage and according to my estimates will set me back by approx $400. I am a bit tired of spending on the old car.

So in order to sell I need to fix the shocks etc and god knows what else.

What are the alternatives to selling this to someone? Wreckers ? Will I get paid? Do I need to pay ?

Also planning to buy a new car preferably Mazda cx5. does showroom pay good value ?

Feels weird to give away the car, sentimental value I guess.


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