Google Pixel 3a or Samsung S9


I want to update my wifes phone now that it is 5 yrs old.

She wants best photo phone and I am not sure which is better? Galaxy S8/9 or Pixel 3a ?

Any suggestions and best deals for outright purchase?




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    Pixel 3A

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    Any phone from Google Pixel family would provide a great experience. You would receive latest Android updates right from Google for at least two years from the date of introduction of the phone. Take a look at available deals on Pixel 4, Pixel 3 or Pixel 3A, or even Pixel 2.


    I've got the S9+, it's a bit better than the S8, but the Pixel 3A camera is supposed to be the best at that price point, and comes with more google stability than a samsung for long term ownership. I like microsd card storage so went Sammy but pixel (XL for better battery life) would be how I'd go IF they allowed removable storage.


    Pixel 4a supposedly due in late May or June if you can hold until then. 3a might go on clearance. Rumour is 4a price will be less than 3a at launch (but that’s USD - so it’s anyone’s guess when it comes to AUD)


    I have a s9+ and my partner has a Pixel 3. While her phone takes slightly better photos, it has proprietary wireless charging, while the s9+ can you pretty much any wireless fast charger.


    How about a P3aXL

    Should be cheaper with EOFY


      Not everyone wants a large phone. I have a Pixel 4 which is the perfect size for me; the XL looks ridiculous when I hold it


        Appreciate that. When we looked the XL was cheaper than the 3A at HN. It is still about the reaestate.